Comansa 21LC600

The 21LC600 flat-top tower crane model offers two options: 20 and 25 tonne maximum load, which can be assembled with ranges of between 30 and 80 metres with configurations every 5 metres, allowing a maximum point load of up to 4.95 tonnes.

The 21LC600 tower crane incorporates an optional boom configuration that allows the total range to be extended to 85 metres at the tip. Compared with the 21LC550 model, load capacities are on average 16% higher.

Crane Specs Overview

Additional Information

Max. Capacity



Metric Ton

Jib Length

Tip Load

4.5, 4.95

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Language – EN (English), CH (Mandarin), JA (Japanese), DE (German)
SI Unit – Metric (Tonne), Imperial (US ton)

Comansa 21LC600 Specifications & Information


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