Potain MCR 295 H16

Manitowoc used bauma China 2016 to introduce a new Potain MCR 295 luffing jib crane for the Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Africa, and Latin American markets. The Potain MCR 295 will be the largest luffing jib crane from the Manitowoc manufacturing facility in Zhangjiagang, China.

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The Potain MCR 295 will be available in three variations, each with its own rated capacity and load chart. The MCR 295 H16 will have a 16 t maximum capacity; the MCR 295 H20 will have a 20 t maximum capacity; and the MCR 295 H25 will have a 25 t maximum capacity. All three will feature a lengthy 60 m maximum jib.

As with all luffing jib cranes, the new MCR 295 is ideal for job sites with tight working quarters with a compact 2 m x 2 m footprint and the optional Top Tracing II anti-collision system. Owners can choose from a variety of winch options, all with Potain’s unique variable frequency drive technology that offers smoother acceleration and closer control. Winch options for the MCR 295 are the 75 LVF 40 Optima or the 100 LVF 40 Optima on the 16 t version; the 100 LVF Optima 50 or the 150 LVF 50 GH Optima/180 LVF 50 GH Optima (depending on the power supply) on the 20 t version; and the 100 LVF 63 Optima or the 150 LVF 63 GH Optima/180 LVF 63 GH Optima (depending on the power supply) for the 25 t version.

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