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Cadeler A/S Selects NOV for New Crane on Wind Osprey

210806 cadeler pacific osprey with new crane boom in the port of esbjerg 2

NOV has been contracted by Cadeler to upgrade the Wind Osprey vessel with a new, large capacity leg crane. With a second NOV heavy lift crane, Cadeler ensures meeting future offshore heavy lift market demands.

In 2020, NOV announced the manufacture of the new heavy-lift crane on the Wind Orca vessel for Cadeler. Within that contract, Cadeler had an option to replace the main crane of the Wind Osprey.

With this second crane replacement project, NOV continues to increase their presence in the global heavy lift market. NOV’s Marine and Construction business unit for heavy lift cranes leverages the expertise and experience of legacy brands AmClyde™ and GustoMSC™ while utilizing NOV’s global presence and manufacturing capabilities.

NOV’s heavy-lift cranes combine extensive experience with advanced features. The newest designs are marked by lower construction weight and environmentally friendly, fully electric frequency-controlled drive systems, resulting in state-of-the-art, competitive products.

The heavy-lift crane for Wind Osprey has the same specifications as its sister crane on Wind Orca. With a lifting capacity of 1600 metric tons at a radius of 40 meters and the main hook at 159 meters above the main deck, the new heavy-lift crane offers a substantial capacity upgrade compared to the existing NOV crane with 1200 metric tons lifting capacity at a radius of 31 meters.

“We are pleased to achieve this significant milestone and we look forward to the continuation of the good cooperation with NOV,” said Cadeler’s CEO Mikkel Gleerup. “We thereby deliver on our promise to keep our current fleet of vessels ready for future demands that call for even larger cranes with higher specifications, which will ultimately benefit both our clients and the transition to renewable energy.”

Gerben Roks, Sales and Business Development Manager Heavy Lift, said: “We are grateful that Cadeler has entrusted our Heavy Lift group with this second crane replacement project. Both the Wind Orca and Wind Osprey have an NOV heavy lift crane from start and we are pleased that we can continue to support Cadeler throughout the lifetime of the vessels. It demonstrates that our state-of-the-art heavy lift cranes provide an efficient lifting device for our customers’ operational needs”.

The crane replacement on Wind Osprey is scheduled to be initiated in Q4/2023 and will be completed in conjunction with the crane replacement on Wind Orca, benefitting fully from the synergies of both projects. The replacement is scheduled for completion in Q1/2024 and will be ready in time for the next generation of wind turbines.

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