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First XCMG XGC11000A completes 6MW wind turbine installation milestone

210730 xgc11000a dongfang wind turbine 3
  • The project was conducted in June 2021 to install Dongfang DEW-D5.5S-172 onshore wind turbine.
  • It was a 6MW with a tower height of 103 metres with a rotor diameter of 172 metres
  • The 650-tonne crawler crane XGC11000A is configured with 108+12 metres wind configuration

As the last wind blade joined onto the hub, the XCMG XGC11000A crawler crane completed the first domestic onshore wind power 6MW unit with the largest single-unit capacity and the largest impeller diameter in the wind power experimental base in Zhangbei County, Hebei Province.

The large-capacity wind turbine hoisting record marks a major step forward China’s wind power industry to develop green.

“The wind turbine installed this time has many heavy components. It was early summer. The project site also saw abnormal weather such as strong wind, heavy snow, hail, etc., which had not been seen for many years, and the requirements for hoisting equipment were very strict.” The person in charge of the project said.

210730 xgc11000a dongfang wind turbine 1

XCMG XGC11000A uses a 108+12-meter main boom and a lifting capacity of 140 tons at the wind site. With the world’s first and latest intelligent enhanced counterweight technology, environmental perception, remote control technology, it withstood the test of adverse weather and completed the hoisting of the wind turbine. The construction performance and strong product performance have won unanimous praise from the on-site staff.

210730 xgc11000a dongfang wind turbine 2

It is understood that after the completion of the project, the wind turbine will become a powerful cadre on the battlefield of low-carbon environmental protection. 

At the design wind speed, each 6MW unit can output 22 million kilowatt-hours of clean electric energy per year, reducing coal consumption by more than 7,150 tons, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by more than 17,300 tons, sulfur dioxide emissions by more than 120 tons, and nitrogen oxide emissions by more than 180 tons, saving energy and reducing emissions The benefits are significant.

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