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Chinese tower crane operator falls to her death

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A Chinese female tower crane operator, Xiao Qiumei, 23, a famous Tiktoker (Douyin) fell to her death last week while climbing down from the tower crane.

According to her family she stepped back and fell almost 50 metres to her death with the mobile phone she was using to film the update still in her hand. The incident occurred in Quzhou, China on Tuesday, July 20th.

The deceased’s ashes were sent back to her home town, but according to the traditions, her ashes could only place outside of the house.

The insurance has compensated RMB 190,000 (USD 29,500) for the accident.

She was married with two young kids.

Cranepedia Comments

It is really sad to see such a young operator in the crane industry leave at such a young age. Crane operators have been getting lesser due to the risk involved but she is brave enough to be engaged in this job. May God bless her in heaven.

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