20210604 new wind turbine vessel huisman

Schiedam, Netherlands-based heavy construction equipment designer and manufacturer Huisman has launched a wind turbine component feeder vessel with a Motion Compensated Platform.

It is designed to quickly and safely transfer wind turbine components from a feeder vessel. It complies with the USA’s Jones Act enabling the safe transportation and lifting of turbine components in USA waters.

Increased Workability

The Motion Compensated Platform provides a stable deck area because it counterbalances the effects of vessel motions. This means that lifting heavy components and moving an empty jack-up vessel can be done in more difficult weather conditions, significantly increasing the weather window.

Maximise Operational Time

By using an offshore rated feeder vessel equipped with a Motion Compensated Platform, your jack-up vessel can continue installation work without having to shuttle back and forth to load new components. Maximising the operational time results in a faster delivery of an offshore wind farm.

Increase Safety & Product Integrity


Heavy lifting off the Motion Compensated Platform is carried out in a controlled manner, which safeguards the integrity of the sensitive wind turbine components and ensures the safety of everybody on deck. 


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