Hua Xiang Long Installs Turbines for China Three Gorges

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In the early hours of 7 March the Guangzhou Salvage Bureau heavy lift salvage and installation jack-up vessel, Hua Xiang Long installed the latest turbine in the China Three Gorges T7# Project bringing the total number of installed turbines to 30 since August last year, 22 5.5MW wind turbines and 8 6.45MW wind turbines.

During the construction of this offshore wind farm, the “Hua Xiang Long” crew combined perfectly their salvage experience with the wind turbine construction technology. They overcome the unfavourable factors such as working with a new team formation, severe and changeable sea weather, and complicated seabed geology.

Their key point is to pay close attention to the construction progress taking care of ensuring safety and quality, and hand in a satisfactory project sheet with a 100% acceptance rate and excellent results of “zero” accidents.

The 30 wind turbines installed by the Hua Xiang Long have contributed to the transformation of the country’s energy structure and the construction of a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system in the region. The project will provide about 410 million kilowatt-hours of clean and green energy to the Guangdong area each year, which can save about 150,000 tons of standard coal consumption and reduce the emission of greenhouse gas carbon dioxide by about 340,000t.

The dimensions of the the Hua Xiang Long are:

  • Length: 130.0 meters
  • Beam: 40.0 meters
  • Draft: 6.0 meters
  • Legs: 4 (Cylindrical)
  • Leg  length: 90 meters
  • Lifting capacity: 1200 tons
  • Auxiliary lifting: 350 tons
  • DP capability: DP2
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