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Zoomlion ZCC3200NP Lifts Largest Propylene Tower

zcc3200np shenghong

The Zoomlion ZCC3200NP has been working in one of the world-class petrochemical refinery – Shenghong Refining and Chemical Integration Project. It is one of China’s four major privately-owned refinery project, with a total planned output of 16 million tonnes per annual with an annual output value exceeding 90 billion yuan. (13.85 billion USD).

On 6th April 2021, the refinery entered into the most critical stage of the construction which was the lifting of the No. 1 propylene tower. The column is one of the largest and highest in height propylene towers that require to be lifted. The total load weighs 1,850 tonnes and has a height of 105 metres. China Nuclear Machinery has taken detailed planning for the lifting and finalised using the 3,200 tonnes crawler, Zoomlion ZCC3200NP with the heavy-duty fixed jib to carry out this heavy lift.

Special Customized Configuration For ZCC3200NP

zcc3200np shenghong 2

As the project constructor, China Nuclear Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd is the leading enterprise in the domestic lifting industry. Zhu Quanguo, deputy chief engineer of the Nuclear Power Branch said that the No. 1 propylene tower has been the top priority of the entire project. Given the complexity of the project, they have cooperated with Zoomlion technical team to carefully planned out the lifting and rigging.

Upon receiving the installation requirements from China Nuclear Machinery, Zoomlion’s technical team reacted quickly and specially developed an additional jib configuration – 102m main boom + 24m heavy-duty fixed jib, allowing the crane lifting capacity to be increased to a maximum of 2,300 tonnes, adapting to the conditions of small and large load-lifting characteristics of petrochemical equipment.

Duo Zoomlion Crane Lift

zcc3200np shenghong 4

With Zoomlion ZCC3200NP confirmed as the main crane, they have decided to pair it with a 1,250-tonnes Zoomlion ZCC12500 crawler chosen as the auxiliary crane. The lifting operation took a mere 3 hours and 32 minutes of precision-engineered movements to complete the installation of the propylene tower.

zcc3200np shenghong 1

Beside that, the crane operator, Master Li the of China Nuclear Machinery, has working experience of 32 years. Since Zoomlion ZCC3200NP has been procured by China Nuclear Machinery, he has been solely in charge of the mega crawler crane. This make the installation works easier when the operator has a good understanding of the crane.

At the same time, this set a new “double record” at Shenghong Refining & Chemical as the highest and heaviest load at its plant.

Zoomlion ZCC12500 Another Contender For Heavy Lift

Although it is just an auxiliary crane, the Zoomlion ZCC12500 is also another crawler crane that is well-known for its easy assembly, good lifting performance and high lifting efficiency. Since entering the construction site of the Shenghong Refining and Chemical Integration Project in January 2021, the ZCC12500 has completed several heavy lifting including oil and water towers.

Since the revolutionary of cranes and construction equipment in the past two decades, many has been questioning if China manufactured cranes, especially those 3,000-tonnes capacity class and will be able to catch up German makers like Liebherr or Demag. We will leave this as a question now with a further discussion on another post.

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