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On 28 May 2011, Zoomlion launched the 3,200-tonne crawler crane – ZCC3200NP. It was claimed to be the world’s largest crawler crane even though it has the same lifting capacity as Demag CC8800-1 TWIN. The crawler has a maximum load moment rating of 82,000 tonne-metres while CC8800-1 TWIN only has 44,000 tonne-metres at that point in time. However,  their holding record was short-lived when Sany launched the SCC86000TM crawler the following day.

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Product Description

In order for China’s to capitalize on its own domestic market, Zoomlion has developed this 3,200-tonne crawler for the construction of China’s third-generation nuclear power plant CAP1400.

Zoomlion claimed more than 20 patents were filed on ZCC3200NP, including the Parallel Closed Control System and Multiple-Engine Power Unit.

Debut Lift for ZCC3200NP

At 9am on 20th December 2014, the ZCC3200NP , which is the first domestic 3,000 ton crawler crane to go into production, complete testing and be cleared for sale, took just over one hour to smoothly lift the nearly 500 ton dome off the ground and accurately place it on top of the reactor, thereby completing the first lifting operation of a domestically manufactured 3,000 ton crawler crane.

The lifting into place of the steel-lined containment dome for Unit Three of the second phase of the Tianwan Nuclear Power Station is the first such operation since the Japanese earthquake in 2011. The structure has the largest external dimensions, the heaviest weight and the largest radius of any dome used in the construction of a nuclear power station in the world to date.

Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), also referred to as Jiangsu Nuclear Power Station or Lianyungang NPP, is located on the shore of Yellow Sea in Lianyungang city of Jiangsu province in China. The Tianwan NPP is the largest project being developed under collaboration between China and Russia. The construction contract for Tianwan NPP was signed between Atomstroyexport, the engineering division of Russia’s state-owned nuclear energy company Rosatom, and JNPC in December 1997.

The collaboration was a part of a cooperation agreement signed between China and Russia in 1992. The NPP is being constructed with eight units in four phases. Four units of the plant are currently operational. The power plant will have a total generating capacity of approximately 8,100MW and will produce up to 60 to 70 billion kWh of electricity annually, once fully operational.




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