Comansa builds a bespoke tower crane for a Norwegian yard

comansa 21lc1050 tc in aibel yard 10

Comansa and the Rental Group Crane AS technical team have responded with success and agility to the specific needs of Aibel’s yard. The Comansa tower cranes are an excellent solution in facilities where the rise in materials is necessary and constant, such as ports and yards. This time, the vast experience and involvement of the tower crane manufacturer and the … Read more

Comansa helps join together two Philippines Island

220125 comansa cebu mactan bridge 2

Two Comansa 21LC660 tower cranes are working on the construction of the cable-stayed bridge which will join Cebu City and Mactan Island in the Philippines, a location repleted with logistical challenges. Comansa tower cranes ensure that even the most complex bridge construction projects are a resounding success. On this occasion, thanks to the tower crane manufacturer’s vast experience and the … Read more

Comansa tower cranes help build bridge between Cebu-Cordova

20211220 122244 screenshot 20211220 122211

Two Comansa 21LC660 flat-top tower cranes are working on the construction of a cable-stayed bridge that will join two islands in the Philippines. The cranes are configured with an 80-metre boom. The bridge, named the Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway, will join popular tourist destination Cebu City, the second-largest city in the country, with Mactan Island, where … Read more

Comansa overcomes the logistical challenges for the Indian railway project

211104 india usbrl comansa 21cm550 3

A Comansa 21CM550 tower crane is working on the construction of the first cable-stayed railway bridge in India, which is considered an engineering wonder. A 25-ton 21CM550 tower crane is working on the construction of Anji Khad Bridge, the first cable-stayed railway bridge in India, 331 metres above the river. This is a milestone project for the Indian railway and it’s viewed … Read more

Linden Comansa with new CUBE cab

Comansa's CUBE cab - Award-winning design

Combining a great look with productivity and comfort in a single product is not normally a simple task, especially when it comes to construction machinery. However, the new CUBE cab in Linden Comansa’s tower cranes combines these three qualities, while bearing in mind that the cab is a workspace and, as such, productivity should always … Read more

Comansa to present new models and technologies at ConExpo 2020

Comansa LCL310 luffing jib tower crane

The ConExpo 2020 has been an important event for many of the crane manufacturers and Comansa is also one of them that are eager to show their latest models and technologies developed in the past few years. LCL310 Luffing Jib Crane The LCL310 luffing jib, especially its 18-tonne maximum load version, will be exhibited during … Read more

Comansa 21LC1400 new large-capacity Flat-Top tower crane

The tower crane manufacturer has announced the addition of a new model to its extensive range of large-capacity Flat-Top cranes: the new 21LC1400, a crane that will be available from September 2019. It will come in two versions, with maximum load capacities of 50 or 66 tonnes The 21LC1400 is expected to be used mainly … Read more

Comansa celebrates the launch of the 21CM750 – largest manufactured in Hangzhou, China

The launch of the new flat-top tower crane 21CM750 crane took place on 27 November 2019, in Hangzhou, China. Comansa will also start manufacturing 21CM750 at its factory in China, mainly to meet the needs of the Asian market, which increasingly demand heavier load cranes. More than one hundred guests attended the event, including the leader of … Read more

Comansa announces upcoming large Flat-Top tower crane in Bauma 2019

Also to come is the optional Quick Set, an electronic limitation system to drastically reduce the set-up time of all the Flat-Top range. Manufacturer COMANSA announced during the Bauma trade show in Munich the upcoming addition of another model to its wide range of large Flat-Top tower cranes. The new 21LC1400 will be available worldwide … Read more

Comansa launched 2 new luffing-jib cranes at Bauma China

Comansa added two more models to its already wide range of luffing-jib cranes and launched them officially at Bauma China 2018 trade show, held in Shanghai from Nov. 27 to 30. With the brand new CML280 and CML310, Comansa aims to cover the growing demand of 18 and 24-tonne luffing jib cranes, particularly in Asia … Read more

Comansa upgrades models 21LC660 and 21LC750

These large Flat-Top tower cranes increase their maximum load capacity up to 50 tonnes (110,230 lb), among other improvements. The design of new solutions for the Comansa 21LC1050 Flat-Top tower crane launched in September 2018, allowed Comansa’s R&D team to apply some of these developments to two of the manufacturer’s most successful cranes. Thus, Comansa … Read more

COMANSA and BKL to repeat in Bauma 2019

Following the successful experiences of 2013 and 2016, tower crane manufacturer COMANSA and its German dealer BKL Baukran Logistik will join forces again for the upcoming Bauma show, to be held in Munich in April. BKL and COMANSA will be found at FS.1103/1 at the outdoor area of Messe Muenchen, with a space of almost … Read more

COMANSA: a unique brand

After many years using the Linden Comansa brand name, the tower crane manufacturer has decided to focus its efforts on a single overall brand, to be used throughout the group, by returning to its original name: COMANSA. This change will be implemented gradually right across the product range and at the company’s facilities in Spain … Read more

Linden Comansa released 21LC335 Flat Top Tower Crane

Linden Comansa, a Spanish based tower crane manufacturer has yet to develop a new flat-top tower crane based on the success of the previous 21LC290 model. The 18 tonnes capacity 21LC335 is part of their LC2100 series tower crane and can be used with a maximum free-standing height of 64.5 metres and made up of … Read more