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20210628 raimondi lufferrs nobu residences

Raimondi luffers build iconic Toronto’s Nobu Residences

Canadian builder Avenue Building Corporation deployed two new Raimondi LR273 luffing cranes on one of the most awaited projects in downtown Toronto, Canada. The cranes are at work on construction of the first Canadian Nobu Residences and Hotel in Downtown Toronto – Nobu Residences. According to Jim Patullo, president of Avenue Building Corporation, decided to

Comansa LCL310 luffing jib tower crane

Comansa to present new models and technologies at ConExpo 2020

The ConExpo 2020 has been an important event for many of the crane manufacturers and Comansa is also one of them that are eager to show their latest models and technologies developed in the past few years. LCL310 Luffing Jib Crane The LCL310 luffing jib, especially its 18-tonne maximum load version, will be exhibited during

Raimondi launches the LR330 luffing jib crane with transformative heavy lifting technology

Raimondi Cranes SpA has announced on 20th February 2018 a transformative approach to heavy lifting technology, the luffing jib LR330. Showcased to Raimondi’s exclusive agent network ahead of wider release, the LR330 luffing jib crane will officially begin shipping in March to fulfill agent presell orders, and is now available for wider purchasing. [quads id=1]