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Raimondi luffers build iconic Toronto’s Nobu Residences

20210628 raimondi lufferrs nobu residences

Canadian builder Avenue Building Corporation deployed two new Raimondi LR273 luffing cranes on one of the most awaited projects in downtown Toronto, Canada. The cranes are at work on construction of the first Canadian Nobu Residences and Hotel in Downtown Toronto – Nobu Residences.

According to Jim Patullo, president of Avenue Building Corporation, decided to purchase the two Raimondi LR273 luffing cranes for this project because the contractor, Madison Group, had strict requirements for this high profile logistically challenging project. The site is surrounded by many other high rise condos and hotels and swing rights are a major issue.

The out of service boom angle was a major reason why they purchased this crane. The other determining factor was the ease of use and simple internal climbing design. Jim Patullo were extremed happy with the cranes that they have placed another order of four units LR273s to bring the total fleet to six units.

The first tower crane was erected within a day in January 2019 and the second unit was erected in June 2020. The two tower cranes has already helped to complete the formation of the complex’s foundations and tthe six-level underground garage.

Currently the cranes are working on the construction of the first two floors of the new development. The luffers are on site with a jib length of 131.2 ft at a freestanding height of 115 ft. The Raimondi LR273 is a weight-optimised luffer with a 3.2 tonne lifting capacity at a jib length at 197 ft.

About Nobu Residences

nobu residences
Artist Impression of Nobu Residences

The building has been designed by award-winning architect Stephen Teeple, whom has over 35 years of experience and one of the most highly regarded architects in Canada.

Designated as a heritage site, the base of Nobu Residences Toronto will retain the classic brick facade of the original Pilkington Glass Factory and Art Deco elements from the early 1900s.

Rising above will be two striking towers that are distinctive, modern which will be anchored by Toronto’s flagship Nobu Restaurant, with a signature Nobu Hotel at the top of the West Tower.

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