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Raimondi LR273 luffing jib crane at work on a new condominium develop in Toronto


Canadian builder Avenue Building Corporation deployed one Raimondi LR273 luffing crane for a downtown Toronto jobsite. The project, a new residential high rise, is located in the city’s sophisticated Bloor Yorkville area. 

“The Raimondi LR273 is one of the best-selling models for this type of development in Canada, especially in major metropolises like Toronto. High-rise buildings are in increasing demand and swing rights are an issue; making this crane an apt onsite asset,” highlighted Jim Patullo, President, Avenue Building Corporation. 

“The features of this versatile machine, including the out of service radius and the ease of its internal climbing, allow us to install the luffer on several ‘zero lot line’ projects,” Patullo added. He noted that the same luffing model was employed for the construction of the first Nobu Residences and Hotel in downtown Toronto, which had similar construction requirements. 


Located in a congested area, 55 Charles Condo is surrounded by several other high-rise developments. Installed in February 2021, the 18tn maximum lifting capacity crane is at work with a 40 meter jib, clocking in at 15m out of service radius with a tip load of 8.20t in UltraLift. 

Erected on a 6 GR6L tower sections on a concrete pad in the below ground parking at level 4, the 36m tower height has been climbed off internally for the past two years until reaching the final height of 167m above the ground level. Sitting now on the roof, the LR273 is approaching the final stages of the project, with the expected dismantling date scheduled for December 2023. 

“Another asset of this luffer is the ability to promptly switch from two falls to four falls and reverse, allowing to lift large generators, air handling units, BMUs, and more without any downtime. This ensures that the developer gets its necessary equipment in place cost-effectively and quickly. Further, equipped with an 86kW hoisting gear, the LR273 can lift at a maximum speed of 204 meters per minute and have a drum capacity of 980m, boasting excellent lifting performances and meeting site deadlines,” he explained, noting that the weight-optimized luffer is also very easy to assemble and boasts excellent load curve. 


“Our fleet currently counts seven Raimondi cranes, all deployed across different sites in Toronto, and we are pleased to anticipate that two additional LR273 luffing jib cranes will shortly go up in another key development of the city,” concluded Patullo. 

Upon completion, 55 Charles Residences, a project of MOD Developments, will add 665 residential units to the neighbourhood, contributing to the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of central Toronto.

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