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SL 730 tower crane, a milestone in the evolution of Sáez Cranes

gruas saez grua torre sl 730 un hito en la evolucion de gruas saez

After two years of research and development, Sáez Cranes presents its largest luffing-jib tower crane, the Sáez SL 730. Sáez Cranes is proud to present its new luffing jib crane: the Sáez SL 730.

This model is a milestone in the evolution of Sáez Cranes, as it represents the tower crane with the highest capacity and power they have manufactured to date, able as it is to load a maximum of 36,000 kg and lift a load at a speed of up to 248 m/min.

This luffing-jib tower crane is designed to be marketed in two versions:

  1. Standard version (36,000 Kg), with the 123 kW (167 Hp) hoist mechanism.
  2. Higher capacity version (50,000 Kg), with a 140 kW (187 Hp) hoist mechanism.

All the Sáez SL 730 mechanisms are equipped with state-of-the-art IP55 motors with 1:4 reduction ratios, frequency inverters and LEBUS drums, as well as stainless steel air-conditioned cabinets, and high-precision analogue joysticks, etc.

This crane is equipped with the company’s latest technological features, such as remote connection and diagnosis systems, self-levelling of the load, etc.

The first SL 730 has been sold to one of their UK clients, Bennetts Cranes, who already have two Sáez SL 450 units. This order confirms their commitment to Sáez for high-capacity cranes (over 24T).

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