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Tadano ATF130G-5

Tadano presented the ATF130G-5 for the first time at SAIE 2009 in Bologna, Italy. The 130-tonne class all terrain is to fit between the existing 110-tonne ATF110G-5 and 160-tonne ATF160G-5. Tadano officially announced the sales of ATF130G-5 in 2010.

thumbnail of ATF130G-5 spec mt en v2014


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Product Description

The ATF130G-5 is equipped with a possible of 18m boom extension which is mounted to the 60-metre main boom. It can be stowed and move with the crane which total weight is only 60 ton and axle load of 12 ton. The boom extension can be used as 3.8m heavy duty jib or as 10 or 18-metre jib. Furthermore, ATF130G-5 is also equipped with Tadano unique Lift Adjuster as a standard which can be activated at the touch of a button.

The 130 tonnes all-terrain crane is equipped with “Easy Pinning” system which made up of round shape boom which is lightweight, enabling the boom to be extended up to 60 metres. It also comes with a newly adopted power tilt jib in 3 different jib length of 3.8m, 10.2m, and 18.0m respectively.

  • Maximum Lifting Capacity: 130t x 2.7m
  • Boom Length: 12.8m ~ 60.0m (6 section boom)

The crane currently can be equipped with EuroMot 3A/3B or EuroMot 4 standard, depending on individual countries’ requirement.


Goodline has taken Australia’s first unit of ATF130G-5 in 2010. The all-terrain crane has been delivered to its remote facility in Port Hedland, Western Australia.



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