Demag AC220-5

Following a brand relaunch by Terex to use Demag for the all-terrain crane, they have introduced the brand new Demag 220-5 all-terrain crane to the world, making its debut during Bauma 2016 in Munich, Germany.

With a main boom length of 255.9 ft (78 m), the new Demag AC 220-5 has the longest main boom reach of any 5-axle crane on the market and that reach can be extended to a full 324.8 ft (99 m) with boom extensions.

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Product Description

The AC 220-5 all-terrain crane incorporates superior design, the latest in crane technology and engineering, and features to enhance productivity while reducing operating costs. It is in the 245 tons (220 tonnes) capacity class, and benefits from a compact carrier frame of just 43.5 ft (13.3 m) long and 9.8 ft (3 m) wide for navigating in confined areas. The unit features a single engine concept with an intelligent motor management system to reduce operational and maintenance costs. With all-axle steering, independent rear axle steering and dynamic launch control, the crane has excellent maneuverability.

This model, like all Demag cranes in this product family, can be configured to comply with the variable axle weight limits across North America by connecting different types of boom dollies. It can also be outfitted with the optional IC-1 Plus control system, which has been designed to provide lifting capacities for every position of the boom subject to the slewing angle of the superstructure. This enables customers to get the best capacity available from the crane, such as when lifting over a more stable slewing range. Ultimately this can allow the customers to take on jobs of a higher capacity crane or to carry less counterweight to lift the same loads.

As a member of the Demag 5-axle family, the Demag AC 220-5 all-terrain crane is designed to provide customers with innovative solutions to help improve their efficiency by sharing common attachments or options within the family. The Demag AC 220-5 can also be equipped with a second hoist. Together with the jib, these attachments are interchangeable on all models in the Demag 5-axle family.

Technical Details Metric Imperial
Capacity class 220 t 245 US-tons
Main boom length 78 m 255.9 ft
Maximum system length 99 m 324.8 ft
Maximum counterweight 70,2 t 77.4 US-tons
Overall length 14,52 m 47.6 ft
Carrier length 13,26 m 43.5 ft
Turning radius over cabin /all axle steered 11,99 / 11,37 m 39.3 / 37.3 ft
Carrier engine 368 kW 500 hp
Maximum travel speed 85 km/h 53 mph
Drive chain (optional) 10 x 6 x 10 (10 x 8 x 10) 10 x 6 x 10 (10 x 8 x 10)
Tyres 14.00 (16.00 / 20.5) 14.00 (16.00 / 20.5)
Maximum gradeability 64% 64%


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