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Demag AC1000-9

Terex has made their first announcement of the development of AC1000/9 on 28th July 2006,  during a customer event at its Zweibrucken factory in Germany that they are developing a 1,000-tonne capacity wheeled mobile telescopic crane.

The Demag AC 1000 is a highly versatile all-terrain crane, renowned for its operational excellence in heavy lifting. This crane distinguishes itself by being the world’s largest that can be driven on the road with a 50m main boom attached. It features nine axles, a maximum lifting capacity of 1200 metric tonnes, and a system length of up to 163 meters, setting a new standard for heavy-lifting cranes. Its applications range widely from erecting wind turbines and tower cranes to placing major equipment on high-rise buildings.

The AC 1000/9 was released in 2008 as Terex launched their largest capacity All Terrain Crane, AC 1000, classed as 1,200 tonnes to be in par with Liebherr LTM 11200-9.1.

Demag AC1000-9 All Terrain Crane Load Chart


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Product Description

Early Development

Ainscough Crane Hire, the UK’s largest mobile crane rental company, was involved early in the development process, providing critical input on the desired lifting capacities to manage heavy lifts in the power sector. This collaboration ensured that the AC 1000 was designed with the needs of the heavy lifting industry in mind.

50% Stronger Than Its Predecessor

With a staggering 1,000-tonne capacity, the AC 1000 stands out as approximately 50% more potent than its predecessor, the 700-tonne capacity AC 700, making it a powerhouse in the realm of wheeled telescopic mobile cranes. The AC 1000’s design is especially tailored for the wind turbine erection and maintenance sector, potentially accounting for up to 50% of its operations. A notable feature is the optional SSL (sideways superlift) system, which significantly enhances its lifting capacity by up to 200%.

Key Features

Key features of the AC 1000 include a modular main boom that can extend from 50m to 100m, and up to 160m of system length, making it one of the longest in its class. The crane also employs SSL (Sideways SuperLift) technology to significantly increase lifting capacity. Its outstanding maneuverability is achieved through an 18 x 8 x 18 drive train with all-axle steering, optimized for 6 to 9 axles being electronically controlled. This ensures the crane’s cost-effectiveness by allowing for short rigging times and optimal mobility, contributing to a high residual value, a characteristic common to Terex All Terrain Cranes.

The AC 1000 offers excellent roadability with compact dimensions and versatile configuration options, making it an efficient and cost-effective choice for transportation. Its design allows for quick and efficient rigging, making it ready for operation almost immediately. Notably, the AC 1000 is designed for maximum maneuverability on site, maintaining full mobility even without derigging, which is ideal for wind turbine installations.

Terex ensures the crane’s performance is matched by a focus on safety and operator comfort. The crane cab is designed for maximum efficiency and productivity, featuring air-cushioned seats, an ergonomic layout, panoramic safety glass, and a fold-out windshield, which can be tilted backward for comfortable operation. The integrated IC-1 crane control system offers intuitive operation through a touchscreen interface, enhancing accuracy and ease of operation with features like a working range limiter and wind speed indicator.

The AC 1000 not only leads in operational capability but also in its innovative design for safety, versatility, and cost-effectiveness, underscoring Terex’s commitment to excellence in the all-terrain crane market.

The world’s most powerful all-terrain crane that meets 12-tonne axle load limits with its 164-ft (50m) main boom installed.


  • Felbermayr took delivery of the first AC1000  –  The first unit of AC1000 was delivered to Austrian rental company Felbermayr which use the crane to lift an old 24-ton tank from a working radius of 52 to 54 m.
  • Asiagroup took the first AC1000 in Asia – Singapore-based crane rental and heavy haulage company, Asiagroup Leasing,  has taken delivery of the AC1000 in 2013, making them the first customer in Asia to own the 1,200-tonne class Terex all-terrain crane.
  • Deep South Crane & Rigging took the first AC1000 in the USA – Deep South Crane & Rigging of Baton Rouge, La took delivery of the Terex AC1000 in May 2014, making them the first lifting company in the United States.
  • LCR Group took the first AC1000-9 in Australia during July 2021.



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