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Demag AC 300/6 (64m)

The Demag AC 300-6 is an all-terrain crane with a notable 300-tonne capacity and an extensive 80-meter main boom. It’s designed for substantial lift operations, such as tower crane erection, and serves as a bridge between the Demag AC 250-1 and the Demag AC 350 in the product lineup, offering an “all-rounder” performance in its class.

Demag AC 300/6 All Terrain Crane Load Chart


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Product Description

Optimized for a vast working range and designed to be user-friendly and transport-efficient, the Demag AC 300/6 is a versatile six-axle all-terrain crane that effectively bridges the capacity gap between the Demag AC250-1 and the Terex AC350. With a host of enhanced features, it establishes itself as a genuine all-rounder within its class.

  • Strongest in Class: The AC 300/6 boasts the strongest lifting capacities in its class across all working configurations, making it a powerhouse for a variety of lifting tasks.
  • Superlift Feature: It is equipped with a superlift main boom guy system, which grants additional lifting capacity, demonstrating the crane’s heightened capabilities beyond its class standard.
  • Leading Boom Length: The crane features a 64-meter main boom, offering significant reach and positioning flexibility. This length is best in its class, ensuring it stands out for jobs that require both reach and power.
  • Total System Length: With a maximum system length of 125.7 meters, it leads its category in terms of boom and jib extension combinations, enabling it to accomplish tasks at considerable heights and depths.
  • Roadability: Remarkably, the AC 300/6 maintains an 84-meter roadable system length, which is class-leading and showcases the crane’s design focus on transportability and quick setup at job sites.
  • Compact Structure: Despite its extensive capabilities, the AC 300/6 is the most compact six-axle crane, measuring only 16.7 meters in total length, facilitating ease of maneuverability, especially in constrained spaces.
  • Counterweight System: A fully automatic counterweight rigging system streamlines the setup and dismantling process, contributing to the crane’s efficiency and safe operation.

The AC 300/6 sets a high standard for the 300-tonne crane segment, delivering on the promise of a “big” crane that can adapt to various jobsite demands with ease. Its combination of capacity, reach, and compact design, along with the ability to transport it easily, underscores its status as an essential asset for heavy lifting operations.


  • Grimmen-based Krandienst Lange took delivery of the first AC300/6 in Germany in 2009. – Terex delivers the crane to its new owner with 19 metres main boom extension, a 3 metres runner, and 72 metres luffing fly jib. The crane is also equipped with a Superlift system and a 116.7-tonne counterweight. The crane is mainly used in Meckenburg-Western Pomerania, the northern part of Brandenburg, and the eastern part of Schleswig-Holstein. One of its main jobs will be the restoration of old wind turbines, a task that is ideal for the AC 300/6 with its maximum system length of 125.7 metres.



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