Terex launched the 300 tonnes all terrain crane, AC300/6 at its open day held at Zweibrucken in October 2007. Terex claimed this to be an “all rounder” six-axle crane that is used to fill in the gap between Demag AC250-1 and Terex AC350.

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The unit has a 64 metres main boom, 72-metre luffing fly jib and has a 125.7 metres maximum lifting height – The longest boom and jib combination of any six axles mobile crane in the then market. When equipped with the partial counterweight, it can compete in the 140-tonne to 220-tonne class as an alternative to medium to large 5-axle mobile cranes. Terex also claims that it can tackle jobs normally requiring 400-tonne cranes thanks to its superlift device.

The AC300/6 has been optimized for an extremely wide working range and featured it with attachments that are both easy to use and transport. The design behind the AC300/6 is also innovative in terms of transportation, allowing the following components to be transported within a width of 3 metres and a height of 4 metres during road travel. The attachment includes the 20 metres folding jib, a three-sheave hook-block and a second hoisting gear. Additional attachments can be easily loaded onto conventional trucks within a width of 2.55 metres.


Grimmen-based Krandienst Lange took delivery of the first AC300/6 in Germany in 2009.

Terex delivers the crane to its new owner with 19 metres main boom extension, a 3 metres runner, and 72 metres luffing fly jib. The crane is also equipped with a Superlift system and a 116.7-tonne counterweight.

The crane is mainly used in Meckenburg-Western Pomerania, the northern part of Brandenburg, and the eastern part of Schleswig-Holstein. One of its main jobs will be the restoration of old wind turbines, a task that is ideal for the AC300/6 with its maximum system length of 125.7 metres.

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