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Demag AC 100/4L

The Demag AC 100/4L is a versatile 100-ton all-terrain crane with four axles, featuring a class-leading 59.4-meter main boom. Recently updated for enhanced performance, especially in the critical 20-25 meter radius range, it includes the precise IC-1 Plus control system. Despite its robust capabilities, it maintains a compact width of 2.55 meters, making it perfectly suited for tight job sites. This crane stands out for its power, maneuverability, and fast setup, offering exceptional lifting capacities within the 12-ton axle load limitations, which is essential for varied applications in today’s demanding lifting industry.

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Product Description

The Demag AC 100/4L all-terrain crane is a four-axle powerhouse in the 100-ton class that boasts both enhanced maneuverability and significant lifting performance upgrades. With a notable boost in capabilities, particularly in the 20 to 25-meter radius range where it sees gains of up to 22 percent, this model stands as a refined version of Terex’s most popular crane.

Key Features:

  • Main Boom: The AC 100/4L is fitted with a long 59.4-meter main boom.
  • Jib: It comes with a 19-meter folding swing-away jib, complemented by an 8-meter variable extension system, capable of achieving a maximum lifting height of 81.7 meters.
  • Control System: The inclusion of the IC-1 Plus control system adds precision and versatility to its operations.
  • Design: The crane shares design elements with the new five-axle models, offering simplified servicing and increased component commonality.
  • Compact Dimensions: Despite its powerful capabilities, the AC 100/4L maintains a width of just 2.55 meters, equivalent to a standard truck, ensuring it can navigate and operate in restricted spaces with ease.
  • Performance: The AC 100/4L excels in performance and fast rigging times, making it highly adaptable to a variety of job site requirements.

With its optimal combination of power, compact size, and advanced technological features, the AC 100/4L is engineered to meet the demands of modern lifting tasks, particularly attracting those looking for a reliable and efficient crane with a broad operating range. Customer service and reliability will ultimately influence its market success, but initial sales figures post-update indicate a positive trend in reclaiming customer trust. The AC 100/4L is shaping up to be a valuable asset for rental companies and end-users who require top-tier lifting solutions.




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