Demag AC100/4L

In the 100-ton capacity class, the Terex AC100/4L combines high manoeuvrability with outstanding performance and fast rigging times. Equipped with a 59.4-meter main boom and 19-meter folding swing-away jib. There is also an 8-meter variable extension system. This compact and powerful all-terrain crane is capable of reaching an impressive 81.7-metre maximum lifting height. Its compact size and 2.55-meter standard truck width make the AC100/4L ideal for operation on confined job sites, well adapting to a wide range of applications. Combining power and versatility, the AC100/4L offers a broader operating range than any other all-terrain crane in its class, completed by exceptional lifting capacity within 12-ton axle load limitations

thumbnail of AC100-4L spec lbs en v2011
Imperial, EN (2011)
thumbnail of AC100-4L spec mt en v2010
Metric, EN (2010)
thumbnail of AC100-4L_spec_lb_en_v2019
Imperial, EN (2019)
thumbnail of AC100-4L_spec_mt_en_v2019
Metric, EN (2019)

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UK-based Road Rail Cranes has taken delivery of the first Demag AC100/4L in the UK. This brings the total fleet to 11 units, exclusively for Terex (Demag) cranes.

Ireland-based crane rental company, Kavanagh has received delivery of the very first Demag AC100/4L in Ireland on October 2016. Alongside was also one of the latest model Demag AC220-5, which was also the very first unit in Ireland.