Sany SAC12000

Germany dominated the large all-terrain crane in the crane history, Sany has managed to breakthrough and created a new history by producing the first 1000 tonne all-terrain crane by a China manufacturer. The crane made its first appearance in 2010 Bauma Shanghai.

Technical Specifications

  • Max. Lifting Capacity: 1200 ton
  • Max. Boom Length: 56m (4 section), 102 (8 section)
  • Max. Fixed Jib Length: 6.5~60.5, offset 0~40 degrees
  • Max. Tower Jib Length: 18~126m
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Predecessor/Successor Models

Product Description

As early as the 1980s, Germany’s Gottwald released the 1,000 tonnes ten-axle all-terrain crane AMK1000/10 and formed a product series. After which was Liebherr, who developed the LTM1500, 500-ton all-terrain crane in the 1990s and then manufactured the 1,000 ton all-terrain crane in 2007.

While there was a question of common concern which China crane manufacturer will breakthrough foreign companies’ monopoly in the productions of the larger all-terrain crane. Without hesitation, Sany undertook the mission of invigorating the super large tonnage all-terrain crane industry in China. Through their independent innovation and perseverance and hard work of more than 500 days and nights, Sany finally presented the 1,000 tonnes all-terrain to the world.

The SAC12000 has a maximum hoisting torque of 3400 tm and the boom length is 102 metres when fully extended. Both the hoisting capacity and lifting height of the machine are the greatest in the industry. The all-terrain shows the painstaking efforts of Sany’s people, showing innovative elements including the design of the self-disassembly device on the boom, bending technology of the main boom and counterweight designs. SAC12000 has been reported to have 23 patents which include 7 invention patents, 14 new practical patents and 2 appearance patents.

The previous model name for SAC12000 is SAC303. (Currently has been abandoned)


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