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Sany SAC12000

On November 23, 2010, at the China International Construction Machinery Exhibition, XCMG’s QAY1200 and Sany’s SAC12000 made their debut simultaneously, challenging the monopoly held by the German Liebherr LTM11200-9.1 in the 1200-ton all-terrain crane market. This event not only marked the progress of China’s heavy lifting machinery manufacturing industry but also showcased the competitive presence of domestic companies in the global heavy crane market.

Sany SAC12000 All Terrain Crane Load Chart


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Product Description

The Sany SAC12000 is a formidable 1,200-ton all-terrain crane that combines high performance with cutting-edge engineering to provide an efficient and reliable lifting solution for a wide range of heavy-lifting applications. Let’s delve into some of its notable specifications and features:

  • Main Boom Lifting Height: The SAC12000 offers an impressive maximum lifting height of 102 meters with an eight-section boom configuration, allowing it to work comfortably on large-scale projects.
  • Minimum Rated Working Radius: With a minimum working radius of just 3 meters, the crane can operate in tight spaces, making it versatile in congested job sites.
  • Jib Length: The crane comes with a jib that extends from 18 to 126 meters, providing exceptional reach and enabling it to perform complex lifts that involve substantial horizontal and vertical reach.
  • Engine Power: The SAC12000 is powered by robust engines, with the upper engine delivering 290 kW at 1800 rpm and the lower engine providing 480 kW at 1800 rpm, ensuring strong and efficient performance.
  • Minimum Ground Clearance: The crane has a ground clearance of 281 mm, allowing for better maneuverability over uneven terrain.
  • Maximum Rated Total Lifting Capacity: It boasts a total lifting capacity of 1,200 tons, placing it among the heavyweights in the all-terrain crane category.
  • Maximum Climbing Capability: The crane can tackle gradients of up to 36%, which is a testament to its capability in challenging environments.
  • Key Components: The SAC12000 features key parts such as the engine, gearbox, transfer case, and axles that are all imported originals, ensuring a potent and efficient power transmission system. The dual-circuit pneumatic braking system, augmented by multiple auxiliary braking methods, enhances the safety of its driving performance.
  • Outriggers and Frame Design: The crane is equipped with an X-type, swing-out, and telescopic outrigger system that is fully hydraulic-driven and automatically levels, enhancing operational safety and stability. Moreover, the box-type frame is welded from fine-grain, high-strength steel plates, offering light weight, high strength, and superior torsional resistance.
  • Boom and Counterweight: The SAC12000’s main boom utilizes imported high-strength steel plates and features a quick and fully automatic single-cylinder pinning system, secured with a triple interlock mechanism of mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic protections for increased reliability. The main boom and counterweights are designed for self-assembly and disassembly, with components equipped with positioning devices for quick installation, making the crane flexible and efficient in transitioning between job sites.
  • Hydraulic and Winch Systems: The crane employs a proprietary dual-pump converging main valve with multi-stage pressure selection functionality, ensuring optimal use of energy and minimizing loss across different working conditions. The main winch uses a closed winch system with high efficiency and low energy loss, providing fine micro-movement control and stability, capable of stepless speed changes. A four-stage protection system is in place to guarantee the safety and reliability of the winch system.

The SAC12000 is a showcase of Sany’s dedication to innovation and its commitment to meeting the intricate needs of modern construction, especially in wind turbine installation, where such advanced and heavy-lifting capabilities are increasingly crucial.

The previous model name for SAC12000 is SAC303. (Currently has been abandoned)



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