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Tadano ATF360G-6

Tadano marks their new achievement once again in 2007 for the debut of ATF360G-6 at Bauma Munich. The ATF360G-6 was one of the largest 6-axle all terrain available in the market – with impressive 60 metres main boom and strong load charts that could compete with German manufacturers like Liebherr and Terex of similar capacities – without a super-lift or guy system. It is also the first crane under Tadano to feature the Hydraulic Telescoping Luffing Jib (HTLJ).

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Product Description

Power Unit

The ATF360G-6 is a 6-axle all terrain crane that is fitted on a Faun RTF 360G-6 carrier, powered by a Mercedes Benz OM502LA engine. The water-cooled 4-cycle V8 fuel direct injection engine with a rated output of 448 kW (609 PS) at 1,800 rpm with a maximum torque of 2,700 Nm (275 kgf.m) at 1,200 rpm.

The superstructure is powered also by a Mercedes Benz engine, OM906LA, a water-cooled 4-cycle inline 6-cylinder diesel engine with a rated output of 205 kW (278 PS) at 2,200 rpm and a maximum torque of 1,110 Nm (112 kgf.m) at 1,200 to 1,600 rpm.

Hydraulic Telescoping Luffing Jib (HTLJ)

On this 360 ton all terrain, Tadano has displayed a new concept for boom attachment called the Hydraulic Telescoping Luffing Jib, HTLJ in short. With the HTLJ, it gives a boost to the 60 metres main boom a further 31 metres of reach, hence increasing the maximum lifting height and working to 92 metres and 65 metres respectively. The HTLJ can telescope out from 10.3 to 31 metres and luff with the design of three powerful hydraulic cylinders.

One of the beauty is that the four-section telescopic jib is designed to be fitted onto the main boom quickly and can be done by just one person, without the need of an assist crane. With the assistance of remote control, the rigging of the jib attachment take just a mere 20 minutes.

Tadano has also considered the safety aspects of the design of the jib as it can be attached at ground level thus eliminating the risks associated with working at height.

Other Jib Attachments

Some other jib configurations available for the ATF360G-6 includes fixed jib from 14 to 57 metres or luffing jib 20 to 72 metres, giving a maximum hook height of 120 metres.


  • Overall Length: 15,460 mm
  • Overall Width: 3,000 mm
  • Overall Height: 4,020 mm
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 46,500 kg (Carrier plus Swing Body without boom)



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