Grove GMK4100L-1

Grove has had a four-axle 100-ton capacity all terrain for years, but the GMK4100L-1 is a new design that promises notable improvements as part of a new generation of Grove taxi cranes. It has a 60 metre boom. The old model had two engines but the new one has only one, which means more counterweight can be carried on board, allowing it to lift more. Grove claims it has the best load charts in its class when configured with full counterweight, or when set up to run within the 12 ton per load limit. Grove GMK4100L-1 is the predecessor of GMK4100L.

  • 0 t counterweight version for improved roading
  • Attractive dimensions
  • Six-section MEGAFORM boom design
  • Single engine concept with new Tier 4 final Engine
  • New comfortable carrier cabin
  • Crane Control System CCS
  • Longer Swingaway & boom extension
  • MEGATRAK suspension
  • TWIN-LOCK boom pinning system
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Predecessor/Successor Models

Product Description

The new 100 ton is 2.55m wide instead of the 2.75m of its predecessor, GMK4100L, and overall length is also 0.5m shorter. The Tier IV Final/Euromot 4 engine has a Fuel Saver function to reduce fuel consumption. It has the new Crane Control System (CCS), which will appear on all new Manitowoc products. The CCS includes Boom Configurator Mode where the operator inputs the weight of te load, radius and height to be lifted to, and the system automatically configures the correct boom length.

Boosting the crane’s overall reach is an 18 metre telescopic swing-away jib, which can be extended with an 8 metre boom extension for a total jib length of 26m. The jib offers an improved offset of 0-45º. The look of the crane has also been improved with a facelift that includes a new ergonomic carrier cab.

Jens Ennen, senior vice president of all terrain and truck mounted cranes at Manitowoc, said the new GMK4100L-1 is the result of improvements and innovations developed at the factory in Wilhelmshaven, Germany, where the crane is built. “We have focused strongly on bringing superior reliability, return on investment (ROI), ease of transportation, user friendliness and capacity to this crane,’ he said. “With class-leading load charts and specifications, the new GMK4100L-1 exceeded our expectations in both performance and reliability so we are expecting the GMK4100L-1 to continue this tradition.”


Both Manitowoc and Samson has claimed that Lambertsson Kran will be the first company to pair the K-100 synthetic rope with an all terrain, in this case, the GMK4100L-1. Lambertsson Kran took delivery of the crane in Feb 2017.

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