Grove GMK5250L

Grove has launched its GMK5250L on 7th April 2015. The new single-engine 250 tonnes five-axle all terrain crane, which Grove claims it has the strongest reach and load chart of any five-axle crane.

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Product Description

The new 250 ton all terrain crane feature a 70 metres, seven-section main boom and a 12 to 21 metres hydraulic bi-fold swing-away jib extension, which can offset from 5 to 50 degrees. The swing-away jib extension can be extended further with two 8-metre inserts for a total jib length of 37 metres. This means the maximum lifting height is 110 metres. An optional integrated heavy duty jib is also available.

Powered by a single Tier IV final/ Euromot 4 engine, the crane features a new VIAB turbo clutch and integrated retarder which Grove claims is the first mobile crane to feature such system. The VIAB turbo clutch eliminates both fluid overheating and clutching burning while enabling wear-free starting and braking. It is also said to provide up to 30% savings in fuel compared to its predecessor.

A newly designed superstructure cab, with new jog dial and joystick controllers, also features the company’s Crane Control System and Boom Configuration Mode, which allows the operator to input the lift parameters – radius, load and distance to be moved – before it calculates the best boom configuration and automatically extends to the required length.

With a lighter weight than the GMK5220, the crane’s 12-tonne axle loadings and configuration are said to be easier to move in countries with stricter axle loading requirements, such as USA, Canada, Norway, Australia and Japan. For countries with higher axles loadings (e.g UK – 16.5 tonnes), the crane is able to travel with 21 tonnes of counterweight onboard.

On-site, it can travel with its full 80 ton of counterweight in place. An optional self-rigging auxiliary hoist is available too, which eliminates the need for an assist crane.

Some other features include all-wheel steering, Megatrak independent suspension and its Man-Machine Interface (MMI) system – which already featured on their 300 tonne GMK6300L and 400 tonnes GMK6400 all terrain. This allows the suspension to be controlled even while in a locked position.


Richard Baldwins took delivery of the first two units of GMK5250L in the UK on 2015

The new single-engine crane will be used on construction and other projects across the UK, including the erection of tower cranes in London.

Armbuster Autokran-Vermietung took delivery of the 100th GMK5250L in 2016.

Only after a year of introduction of the new crane, Grove has already achieved selling the 100th unit of GMK5250L.

Armbuster Autokran-Vermietung, based in Pilezhausen, has taken delivery of the 100th GMK5250L. This adds to its current fleet of 14 machines.

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