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XCMG XCA5000 was successfully sold at Bauma 2012 in Shanghai. Supported by the mature thousand-tonnage all-terrain technology platform, a new round of technology upgrading was carried out, improving the all-terrain hoisting capacity to the level that meets the 3.6MW-fan hoisting construction demands.

XCMG XCA5000 All Terrain Crane


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Product Description

With feedback from customers on their existing 800-ton all terrain crane QAY800 and 1,200-ton, all-terrain crane QAY1200 during their one-year practical application, XCA5000 has achieved further breakthroughs in 7 core technologies including the intelligent control technology and two-motor drive technology; moreover, 50 patents have been developed. The length of its eight main arms is 105 meters, and the maximum climbing capacity is 50%, which allows XCA5000 to work in severe environmental conditions of large-scale wind power projects, shield construction and chemical engineering projects.

For the first time, XCA5000 has an adaptive variable stiffness hydropneumatic suspension technology, ensuring that the 1,600 ton all terrain crane is still able to travel through complicated road condition. The transition efficiency of the entire machine is maintained by an electric hydraulic control technology and multiple spindle multi-mode all wheel steering. Adopting the multi-disciplinary CAE simulative design method, a highly efficient self-removable technology was also developed after many rounds of experiments, improving the installation efficiency of ultra large cranes to more than twice the original level.

XCA5000 is an “intelligent machine” that applies mature all-condition remote control and fault diagnosis techniques. Besides, the unique dynamic axle load detection and automatic control technology can achieve dynamic detection and adjustment of the axle load. The intelligent virtual wall protection for the redundancy technique can ensure the active safety of complicated systems and working conditions. The touchscreen integrated control technology was applied for the first time, which further enriched the functions of the machine and improved the man-machine interactive environment.

XCA5000 Maiden Job

On the 30th of December, 2014, a landmark event in the realm of heavy lifting and renewable energy took place in Yunnan Province, China. The XCMG XCA5000, the world’s largest-tonnage all-terrain crane at that time, marked a pioneering moment by successfully lifting a 2MW wind turbine. This remarkable feat established the XCA5000 as the first 2,000-ton all-terrain crane to be deployed in construction globally, setting a new standard in the capabilities of wheeled cranes and illustrating XCMG’s leadership in the industry.

The crane’s journey to the site was nothing short of an odyssey. Traveling from Xuzhou, it traversed seven provinces over five days to reach the wind power field. The journey tested the limits of what we demand from mobile cranes—navigating a treacherous 10 km mountain road peppered with over 20 near right-angled turns and 30 inclines steeper than 30%, compounded by the challenges posed by a sudden and severe snowfall. Such conditions demanded exceptional chassis braking performance, reliability in transit, and safety in climbing, highlighting the engineering excellence embodied in the XCA5000.

The job site, perched atop a mountain exceeding 3,000 meters in altitude and offering a mere 600 square meters of working space, presented its own set of trials. Buffeted by strong winds, the XCA5000 demonstrated its stability and precision by fitting a 22-meter-high, 68-ton tower base onto its foundation and skillfully lifting the subsequent tower sections.

The critical task of hoisting the massive nacelle, measuring 8.5 meters in length, 4 meters in width, and 4 meters in height, was an exercise in precision and control, especially as winds accelerated to 16 meters per second, turning crane operations into a formidable challenge. Yet, the XCA5000 managed to accurately position the 91-ton nacelle atop the 81-meter-high tower, showcasing its unparalleled capabilities.

The XCA5000’s capacity to lift 3-3.6MW wind turbines up to 110 meters under the demanding conditions found in large chemical plants and major infrastructure projects is a testament to its superior design and performance. Over the years, XCMG has been dedicated to rigorous studies and tests to refine the hoisting operations for wind power plants. Their goal has been to perfect the installation process for the world’s leading 3.0MW wind turbines, a benchmark they’ve vigorously pursued with 20 verifications of working conditions conducted with the XCA5000 to date.

Award Winning

The XCMG XCA5000 all-terrain crane, crowned with the prestigious Golden Finger Award as one of the “Top 50 Products of the Year (2016)” in China’s construction machinery industry, stands as the epitome of excellence and innovation. Verified by rigorous market testing, it is recognized as the largest-tonnage and longest main boom all-terrain crane globally, boasting a maximum lifting moment of 8000 tonne-meters, a fully extended eight-section main boom of 105 meters, and a maximum working amplitude of 138 meters.



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