Zoomlion ZAT18000H

Zoomlioon ZAT18000H is a 1,800-tonne all-terrain crane that has been released to the market in October 2020, targeting the booming wind turbine installation projects in the domestic market. It has the capability to lift 115-tonne wind turbine components up to a height of 140 metres.

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On April 16, 2021, Zoomlion’s crane ZAT18000H won the TOP50 Golden Finger Award, the highest award the “2021 China Construction Machinery Annual Product TOP50 Award Ceremony” hosted by the “Construction Machinery and Maintenance” magazine was successfully held in the cloud live broadcast, under the guidance of the National Construction Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.

“Zoomlion’s ZAT18000H all-terrain crane is the world’s largest all-terrain crane, which meets the requirements and successfully completes the installation of 140m wind turbines. The maximum lifting height of the wind power boom configuration reaches 155m, breaking through the limit of the jib working condition and filling the industry gap

This solves the industry problem of box-type telescopic boom + truss wind power jib and ultra-long boom deflection; overcome the lightweight and chassis drive capability technology based on the ultimate load-bearing capacity of the 9-axles chassis, large load, high-height manipulation, micro-movement, and manipulation safety Control and other key core technologies.

Going on the market in October 2020, Zoomlion’s ZAT18000H has been active in major construction projects in the domestic market.

This includes the challenging wind turbine installation in Xinzhou, Shanxi, at an altitude of 1450 meters and minus 27 degrees cold weather.

Another was the Xinglong 48.4MW wind farm in Bengbu, Guzhen, Anhui, the short-arm unloading conditions of the equipment and the long-arm hoisting conditions are efficiently coordinated, and the lifting is efficient.

In all major construction projects across the country, Zoomlion ZAT18000H has been highly recognized by construction parties and users with its strong capabilities and high efficiency.

Technical advantages of ZAT18000H

1. Wide coverage of wind power working conditions: main boom + jib can meet the installation of 140 meters high wind turbine.

2. High construction efficiency, energy-saving and environmental protection: no need to use tower boom, efficient assembly, can be used for super-lifting transition with the main boom; high-power winch system, 140m high fan hoisting and lifting the fastest 20 minutes; short boom unloading and long boom The hoisting working condition is matched with the boom section, and there is no unnecessary expansion and contraction when the working condition is switched.

3. Strong site adaptability: 9-axles reinforced all-terrain vehicle bridge and transmission, strong carrying capacity; 6+2 bridge drive, maximum gradeability of 58%, heavy-duty gradeability of 24%; high-speed, urban, and heavy-duty driving The mode is optional; the combination of longer main boom + shorter jib, small assembly site requirements.

4. Safe and reliable: redundant boom design and optimized matching, the boom is safe and reliable; single-cylinder double-side pin, equal rope length super lift, eccentric A-frame super lift connection device, boom system wind resistance; double oil Road winch, reliable work.

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