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Sany SAC18000T

The Sany SAC18000T all-terrain crane marks a significant milestone in wind turbine installation technology, especially for turbines reaching up to 140 meters. This crane is ingeniously designed to improve the efficiency, safety, and reliability of wind turbine construction and maintenance operations, offering a significant competitive advantage to lifting enterprises in the wind power sector. It features advanced engineering that addresses the critical needs of the wind power industry, such as optimized design for wind conditions, superior tightening technology, emergency power for single cylinder pin, closed dual pump confluence technology, intelligent multi-mode suspension system, and dual winch coordination. These features collectively enhance operational efficiency, reduce installation time by 5.2 hours per wind turbine, and increase safety margins significantly.

In a parallel advancement, Sany has escalated its prowess in the wind power sector with the delivery of the first SAC24000T all-terrain crane to Ningxia Julishen Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd. on June 28, 2022. Dubbed the “new king of wind power,” the SAC24000T has set a new world record for the largest tonnage of wheeled cranes, designed to install wind turbines up to 160 meters in height, meeting 80% of the owner’s load requirements. This delivery signifies Sany’s ongoing commitment to leading the industry in heavy lifting solutions for renewable energy infrastructure, further cementing its role in enhancing the construction efficiency and safety of wind turbine installations worldwide.

Sany SAC18000T All Terrain Crane Load Chart


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Product Description

Key Features and Performance Metrics

  • Wind Turbine Installation Coverage: The SAC18000T is designed to handle the installation of wind turbines up to 140 meters in height, providing a safety margin of over 20%. This capability ensures it meets the demands for a wide range of wind turbine models, including those specified as 140m EN-156/3.0 and EN-182/4.8, with a construction safety margin of over 25%.
  • Time Efficiency: The crane significantly reduces installation time by 5.2 hours per wind turbine, showcasing a remarkable improvement in operational efficiency within the industry.
  • Lifting Capacity: It offers a tiered lifting capacity based on the height, capable of lifting up to 190 tons at 100 meters, 172 tons at 110 meters, 160 tons at 120 meters, 150 tons at 130 meters, and 140 tons at 140 meters.
  • Dual Winch Configuration: Equipped with a dual winch setup, the SAC18000T can lift a load of 190 tons to a height of 100 meters. This system prevents rope entanglement and ensures accurate lifting, supported by a wireless level and a heavy-load hooking accuracy within ±0.5°.
  • Comprehensive Safety Features: The crane includes an emergency drum for the cylinder arm pin, AI winch rope entanglement identification, and an emergency winch system, providing an all-encompassing safety mechanism during operations.

Core Technologies

  • Optimized Design for Wind Power Conditions: The crane’s design significantly enhances mid-to-long boom section performance, making it ideally suited for the specific requirements of wind power construction.
  • Superior Tightening Technology: It employs a superior fixed-length tightening technique that offers higher efficiency compared to conventional force tightening methods.
  • Emergency Power for Single Cylinder Pin: This feature ensures higher reliability by equipping the single cylinder pin with emergency power.
  • Closed Dual Pump Confluence Technology: This technology increases lifting speed while maintaining fine control, improving operational efficiency and safety.
  • Intelligent Multi-Mode Suspension System: The SAC18000T incorporates a new smart suspension system that monitors the vehicle’s posture in real-time, actively enhances it, and adapts the damping resistance, ensuring comfortable driving and safer transportation.
  • Dual Winch Coordination: By coordinating the dual winches, the crane achieves better stability under heavy loads, reduces the risk of rope sinking, extends the lifespan of the winch and steel ropes, and saves on equipment maintenance costs.

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum Lifting Capacity: 1800 tons, highlighting its capability for heavy lifting operations in the construction of wind turbines and other large-scale projects.
  • Dimensions: The crane’s overall dimensions are meticulously designed to ensure stability and mobility. It spans 20750 mm in length, 3000 mm in width, and 4000 mm in height, with a detailed axle distribution to balance its massive load efficiently.
  • Weight Parameters: The total weight of the crane, including the chassis without outriggers and the superstructure’s front section, reaches up to 90 tons. When fully equipped with the chassis, outriggers, superstructure front section, superlift, luffing cylinder, main winch, and a 6-section boom, it weighs 258.5 tons.
  • Power and Performance: The crane is powered by engines both in the upper and lower structures, with the lower engine producing 485 kW of power and 3200 N·m of torque, and the upper engine delivering 360 kW and 2200 N·m of torque, ensuring robust performance during lifting and maneuvering.
  • Mobility: Capable of reaching speeds up to 70 km/h, it features a minimum turning radius of 14.5 meters. Its 9-axle configuration, combined with oil-gas suspension and 4 main driving axles, enhances its maneuverability and ability to navigate challenging terrains.
  • Operational Efficiency: The crane boasts a boom setup time of ≤240 seconds and a maximum main winch line speed of 130 m/min, facilitating swift and efficient job site operations.
  • Safety and Comfort: Equipped with heating and cooling systems in both the upper and lower cabins, it ensures operator comfort across varying weather conditions. The inclusion of a comprehensive



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