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Sat Nav Misleads Crane into Ditch Near Oxelaëre, Recovery Ensues Without Injury

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A two axle All Terrain crane ran into a ditch on a narrow country road near Oxelaëre in northern France – between Dunkirk and Lille yesterday – Thursday. (29th Feb).

It seems that the driver was led it astray by his satellite navigation, while on its way to a solar power facility around 10km away. The crane came from the Sitca Levage fleet – part of Groupe Cochez.

Thankfully the vegetation seems to have prevented the crane from going over, and no one was hurt. With any luck the damage was limited to the road verge. Two more cranes arrived later in the day to recover the stricken machine. Perhaps it serves to remind crane and big truck mounted lifts operators of the risks when travelling on narrow roads at a time when the ground is waterlogged, as is the case in many parts of Europe.

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