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Crane Overturns in Blanchardstown Construction Site: Operator’s Narrow Escape

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In a recent incident on November 30, 2023, an All Terrain crane overturned at a construction site in Blanchardstown, Dublin. The site, reportedly linked to an expansion project by Alexion, witnessed a dramatic turn of events involving a five-axle crane from the Tusker Crane Hire fleet, resembling a 200-tonne Terex AC 200-1.

The crane, equipped with a seven-section, 68-meter boom and a nine-tonne counterweight configuration, faced stability challenges when the operator extended the boom over the front. Investigations revealed that incorrect counterweight information was entered into the Load Moment Indicator (LMI), exceeding the crane’s capacity. Fortunately, there was no load on the hook at the time.

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As a consequence, the crane lost stability, tipping forward and eventually rolling to the side. The operator, with approximately 25 years of experience, reportedly suffered cuts and abrasions but miraculously avoided serious injuries. The incident did not harm anyone else on the site.

The unfolding details highlight the critical role of accurate load information and adherence to safety protocols in crane operations. Tusker Crane Hire has not yet provided a comment on the incident. Speculations also circulate around the possible involvement of a truck in the incident, although the details remain unclear. Further updates will be provided as the investigation progresses.

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Irish Independent has a footage of the crane collapse.

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