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Modest Growth In North America’s Crane Market

20210617 act 100 north america

As KHL releases the latest American Cranes & Transport’s 2021 (ACT 100), we see that North America’s top crane companies have small growth despite challenges due to COVID-19 pandemic.

The top 100 companies added 103,738 tons for a total index of 2,881,935, a lower 3.59% growth compared to ACT 100 an year earlier with 5.74% growth – 159,537 tons gain for a total capacity index of 2,778,193 (5.74%)

Crane demands and consolidation see growth in ACT 100

All top 100 crane companies saw growth except the reduction of employees, from 37,437 to 36,986. It is understandable that pandemic has a direct consequential impact on the economy, but a slight 1.2% drop in employment among the top 100 cranes companies still prove the relatively strong economy. Even so, this numbers have surpassed the historic peak of 37,040 workers in 2015.

Let us look at same numbers on the ACT 100 for the last five years

  • 2017 – 2,365,977 tons
  • 2018 – 2,495,860 tons
  • 2019 – 2,618,656 tons
  • 2020 – 2,778,193 tons
  • 2021 – 2,881,935 tons

The steadily increasing in the index also show growing demands and mergers and acquisitions by the top 10 crane companies on the list. This also includes of the addition of higher capacity cranes as well.

Smaller growth on crawler compared to mobile

Compared to previous year, there is only a small gain of 52 units crawler from 3,280 units to 3,332 units this year while the mobile crane show a stronger increase of 142 mobile cranes from 16,273 to 16,415 units. It is again an impressive number given the challenges this year.

ACT 100 Top 10 Crane Companies

There is a total of 103 companies in the ACT 100 with five companies tied with the same total capacity index.

For 16th time in a row, Maxim remained top in the list with 715,000 tons, up from 704,400 in 2020. They are still in an acquisition mode, looking to buy more companies and new cranes as well.

Bigge Crane & Rigging takes No. 2 spot with ALL Erection staying at No. 3. The two companies switched rankings in 2019 and Bigge seems to be growing their fleet faster than ALL Erection and there are indications that Bigge are concentrating on adding larger crawlers this year.

ALL Erection saw a decrease in fleet size, but an increase in capacity from 165,486 tons in 2020 to 170,288 this year.

Lampson & Marmon remained No. 4 and No. 5, which rounded up as the same top 5 companies in the list.

Biggest Gainers This Year ACT 100

Below are the list of crane companies that see gain in their positions / capacity due to mergers and acquisitions:

  • W.O. Grubb
  • Mountain Crane Service
  • Berry Contracting/Bay Crane
  • Superior Cranes
  • Custom Truck One Source
  • Boss Crane & Rigging
  • Irving Equipment
  • Vic’s Crane & Heavy Haul
  • Altas Crane Service
  • GA West/Legacy
  • Crane Service Company
  • McBay Crane Service

Top 25 stayed pretty the same but an also saw Davis Crane Companies joining in the list.

What are the largest in ACT 100 ?

  • Largest Crawler Crane Fleet – Maxim with 515 units
  • Largest Crane Capacity – Tied at 5,000-ton for Mammoet PTC 200 DS and Sarens SGC-250
  • 2nd Largest Crane Capacity – Tied at 3,000-ton for Lampson LTL-3000 and Deep South Crane and Rigging VersaCrane TC36000/2

Thanks for KHL’s efforts in the past 16 years so that we can understand how the North American market is right now. You can check out their full article here and you can also download ACT 100 2021 List.

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