Sarens ordered four zero-emission Spierings mobile tower cranes

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Belgian international crane and heavy lift company Sarens has ordered four zero-emission Spierings eLift self-erecting mobile tower cranes.

The order comprises three units of Spierings 6-axle 10-tonne SK1265-AT6 and one unit of Spierings 4-axle 7-tonne SK597-AT4 eLift version. Both models can operate using an AC power source up to 32 amps, while its lithium-ion battery pack can be used to make up the difference to ensure the crane operates at full speed and capacity.

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Jeroen Kerkhoff of Spierings with Marc and Jan Sarens plus Koos Spierings (Left to right)

In the case where grid connection is not available, the mobile tower cranes can also work in a “hybrid mode”, combining its batteries with a small three cylinder Stage V diesel engine. An auto start/stop function for the hydraulic pumps also helps reduce energy consumption when the crane is not operating for sustained periods.

Largest electric mobile tower crane in the world

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The eLift models can run at full speeds and capacities from a 16 amps power source

Offering a 10 tonne capacity and 66 metre tip height the SK1265-AT6 claims to be the largest electric mobile crane in the world that can work from a 16 amp power source. The smaller SK597-AT4 has a 48 metre jib, which can be luffed up to 45 degrees to offer a maximum hook height of 58.1 metres with a 1,700kg capacity.

“The mobile tower cranes are more and more intergraded in our fleet. The Spierings cranes has efficient operational costs, while all ballast, jib parts and steel outrigger pads are always carried on the crane. The strong lifting capacities and the known benefits of a tower crane are more and more appreciated by our customers. The battery powered eLift solutions of Spierings perfectly suits in Sarens’ ambitions to offer our customers green lifting solutions.”

Marc Sarens, Director

Spierings sales engineer Jeroen Kerkhoff, added: “We’re very grateful to receive the order from Sarens for the zero-emission eLift cranes. We’re fully confident we’ve developed the first usable electric solution for the daily taxi crane jobs. By using the supplied lightweight aluminium cable and only a 16A grid connection, this solution makes it really user friendly for all lifting locations.”

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