Comansa 21LC1400 new large-capacity Flat-Top tower crane

The tower crane manufacturer has announced the addition of a new model to its extensive range of large-capacity Flat-Top cranes: the new 21LC1400, a crane that will be available from September 2019. It will come in two versions, with maximum load capacities of 50 or 66 tonnes The 21LC1400 is expected to be used mainly … Read more

Comansa celebrates the launch of the 21CM750 – largest manufactured in Hangzhou, China

The launch of the new flat-top tower crane 21CM750 crane took place on 27 November 2019, in Hangzhou, China. Comansa will also start manufacturing 21CM750 at its factory in China, mainly to meet the needs of the Asian market, which increasingly demand heavier load cranes. More than one hundred guests attended the event, including the leader of … Read more

Flat top tower crane snapped in Sydney

The top of a flat top tower crane – jib, cab, counter jib – broke free from its tower at a site at Smeaton Grange near Campbelltown on the southwest side of Sydney, Australia on Sunday. It may be mistaken in the initial assumption that the Terex Comedil CTT 561 has collapsed during its erection, … Read more