XGC28000 completes vacuum tower hoisting for China Sciences Group

XGC28000 hoisting 750-tonnes tower in refinery.

On 25th Sep 2019, XCMG XGC2800 has completed the hoisting and installation of the vacuum tower into position. The tower weighs 660 tonnes, length 55 metres and a maximum diameter of 11.7 metres. The total lift weight is 750 tonnes and it is the largest components to hoist in the refinery project. The lifting operation … Read more

Bezombes Niort taken delivery of the 100th Liebherr LTM1450-8.1

(L-R) Guy Bellec and Francis Ebert of Liebherr, Benoît Bezombes of Bezombes Niort, Christoph Kleiner and Georg Reinbold of Liebherr

French crane rental company Bezombes Niort has taken delivery of the 100th Liebherr LTM1450-8.1 since its delivery began less than 3 years ago where Ley-Krane took delivery of the first LTM1450-8.1. It will be the largest crane in Bezombe’s fleet and will be used for a wide variety of work including wind power and lifting … Read more

Gräser-Eschbach takes delivery of Liebherr LTM1450-8.1

Gräser Eschbach's LTM1450-8.1

The Gräser-Eschbach Group with companies in Mannheim and Bad Schönborn recently took delivery of a new flagship – its new Liebherr LTM1450-8.1 mobile crane, which will be the largest crane in its fleet. One of its first jobs was to dismantle a tower crane in the new Gateway Gardens business global business village at Frankfurt … Read more

Duo Liebherr crawler lifts TBM onto the barge in Germany

Liebherr LR13500 and LR11000 tandem lifting a TBM onto a barge in Kehl, Germany.

Mammoet Germany, the German subsidiary of Dutch heavy load specialist Mammoet, used two large Liebherr crawler cranes, LR11350 and LR11000 to tandem load a tunnel boring machine (TBM) onto a barge at Kehl, an industrial river port on the Gerrman side of the river Rhine in Baden-Württemberg in Germany. The TBM weighs 950 ton and … Read more

Zoomlion ZCC300 lifts the roof steel structure for the exhibition centre

ZCC300 hoisting the roof steel structure for Tianjin's National Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The compact ZCC300 crawler was configured with 30m main boom and 24m luffing jib to lift a 92-ton roof steel structure for the National Convention and Exhibition Center in Tianjin, China with narrow access. The project was a collaboration between the Ministry of Commerce and Tianjin Municipal as China’s third modernized conventional and exhibition centre … Read more

Sany display new emission cranes in BICES 2019

Sany booth at BICES 2019 in Beijing, China.

On 4th of September 2019, the 15th BICES exhibition goes on the way in Beijing, China and Sany have displayed 36 different products at their 2,800 m2 exhibition booth. The hoisting machinery division is one of the three core businesses in Sany and they have displayed some starred products like STC250T4, STC800T6 and SAC2200T. The … Read more

XCMG with new XCT25L5-I

The new XCT25L5-I comes with a 5-section U-shaped 43m main boom and with the maximum lifting height of 51.1m and a maximum working radius of 39.3m. The 25-ton hydraulic truck crane is equipped with Germany MAN diesel engine with a rated power of 228 kW and torque up to 1,400 Nm. It uses a 9-speed … Read more