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Zoomlion ZCC300 lifts the roof steel structure for the exhibition centre

ZCC300 hoisting the roof steel structure for Tianjin's National Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The compact ZCC300 crawler was configured with 30m main boom and 24m luffing jib to lift a 92-ton roof steel structure for the National Convention and Exhibition Center in Tianjin, China with narrow access.

The project was a collaboration between the Ministry of Commerce and Tianjin Municipal as China’s third modernized conventional and exhibition centre after Shanghai and Guangzhou. After the completion, it will form a new economic development triangle for the Bohai Sea region and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau region.

Located on the south bank of the Haihe River in Jinnan district. The total size of the project span over 2.2 km sqm and the total construction area is nearly over 1.34 million sqm. The National Convention and Exhibition Centre will be constructed in 2 phases. The first phase will be the construction of 16 exhibition halls and 23 surrounding infrastructure. When it is completed, it will have a total exhibition area of 200,000 sqm.

According to the product manager of Zoomlion, the 300-ton crawler crane ZCC3000 is designed with many different boom configuration which is suitable for lifting Tunnel Boring Machine’s shield, rebar cages for foundation work, bridges and steel structure works.

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