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The new XCT25L5-I comes with a 5-section U-shaped 43m main boom and with the maximum lifting height of 51.1m and a maximum working radius of 39.3m.

The 25-ton hydraulic truck crane is equipped with Germany MAN diesel engine with a rated power of 228 kW and torque up to 1,400 Nm. It uses a 9-speed synchronized transmission 9JSD135TB for higher load and larger speed ratio axle. It has the industry’s first low-speed high-torque system, enhancing the grade ability to 45% and has a maximum travelling speed of 90km/h.

For the braking system, it has a disc brake of up to 25 inches for better braking capability and generates lesser heat. It uses a 71+71 ml/r dual variable pump and an 80ml/r high-speed fixed displacement motor with a maximum turning speed of 125m/min without load and rated speed of 125m/min. The boom derricks in 31s while it only requires 74.5s to telescope fully. Using a dual pump bi-flow control technology, it produces precision and smooth control of the crane operation.

It has also capable of slewing at a low-speed of 0.1 degrees per second and lowest derrick speed of 2.5m/min, providing precision in hoisting operations.

The weight distribution of the crane has been optimized to strengthen the main boom, swing table and chassis to improve its lifting performance. The plate-type main boom top and compact boom end aids in a stronger lifting capacity which has a maximum lifting torque of up to 768 kN/m. It is designed with a 5.6m x 6.4m H-type outriggers and a fifth outrigger jack to optimize 360 degree lifting.

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