XCMG wins award 9th straight year at T50 Summit of World Construction Machinery Industry 2019

On September 3, 2019, the ” Top 50 Summit of World Construction Machinery Industry” sponsored by China Construction Machinery Association (CCMA), Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) and Korea Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association (KOCEMA) was held in Beijing, and over 800 people from 13 countries attended.

XCMG XCA1600 all-terrain crane won the “2019 Crane Product of the Year Award”. This is the 9th consecutive years that XCMG has won the crane award after 8 products including XCA1200, XCT55L6 and QAY1200 during the previous summit.

XCMG has gathered brought together 10 national specialists, 23 provincial specialist and 5 provincial and ministerial experts with outstanding contributions, more than 100 domestic top-end machine engineering leading technical talents, more than 100 mechanical engineering experts from Germany and America to participate in the project. Immerse yourself in the industry’s only national key laboratory for high-end engineering machinery intelligent manufacturing, and each reliability test for cranes is three times higher than the conventional standard! 1080 hours acid rain test, 190-degree high-temperature test, 1 million hydraulic tests. More than 140 trials have been conducted for XCA1600, and more than 70,000 words of trials and reports have been recorded.

The XCA1600 has a multi-combined wind power-specific boom structure and is the most powerful all-terrain crane in the industry. From the first delivery of the Shanghai BMW Show in November 2018; to the Beibai Wind Farm in Hebei in May 2019, the world’s highest wind turbine installation record was refreshed; and in August 2019, Xugong started the re-experience meeting, 6 XCA1600 batch delivery… XCA1600 shows a round of hoisting, the exposure rate is always high, the screen friends circle, open a new pattern of wind power lifting!

Due to the complex and diverse terrain in China, even the most advanced hoisting equipment in the world will still face problems such as poor accessibilities, constraint job site area and low efficiency, which cannot meet the demanding requirements of the Chinese market. Heavy load transfer capability is one of the biggest features of the crane. XCA1600 comes with the world’s unique dual-power 8-wheel drive system, 6-axles mechanical drive plus 2-axles large-speed hydraulic drive, on the high and low undulating road, 18 wheels on both sides, you can adjust the height of the tire, and at the same time stressed. The climbing capacity of the 268t self-weight state reaches 30%; the original large-load single-cross arm independent suspension system covers the transition requirements of various roads such as mountains and hills.

Comparing to other all-terrain of the similar capacity class, XCMG’s XCA1600 has a better manoeuvrability with its 9-sections main boom design which has a overall length of the only 21.5m. The bridges are greatly reduced in terms of performance on the road or through narrow areas. More importantly, “lightweight” does not affect the “lifting capacity” of the 1600 all-terrain crane. Under the wind of 4-6, the 1,600 ton mobile crane can still lift close to 100-ton wind turbines components for installation, and which the deviation will not exceed 5 mm.

XCMG’s XCA1600 has a total main boom length of 92.4m, a luffing jib length of 48-102m, and a special wind power jib length of 27.5-51.5m. The crane has an intelligent fine-classification control software. It can not only find the construction plan that best matches the current working conditions from the tens of thousands of stored working conditions, but also guarantees even lifting 100 tons. Heavy objects will not deviate from their original position due to the inevitable physical deformation of the boom.

High Efficiency in Wind Power Projects

Wind power hoisting operation efficiency is the highest in the industry, the all-terrain is easy to disassemble and assemble, and the original automatic folding boom structure is built. The wind power arm between the positions can be disassembled and assembled, and the car can be completed within 2 hours, which greatly reduces the conversion cost and improves construction efficiency. When the XCA1600 was installed in a 140-meter 2.5 MW wind turbine in Baixiang, Hebei, the assembled impeller and the spreader total weight of nearly 90 tons were laid flat from the ground, and then successfully completed with the cabin docking. The entire hoisting operation completed in only 40 minutes, followed by 1 Install all 80 bolts in place for half an hour. The entire rotary and vertical lifting process perfectly overcome the disturbance of wind direction transients, demonstrating the XA1600’s extremely fragility and excellent precision. Excluding the gale waiting time, the first fan was effectively installed for only 3 days, and the efficiency was nearly doubled.

The stunning performance of XCA1600 is a milestone for China’s manufacturing industry to refresh the new height of global wind power installation; it is XCMG’s in-depth research on customer value and the promotion of high-end technology for the industry; it is Xugong’s “technology leadership, not destroying, doing The achievements of the crafts are reflected. G-generation cranes will continue to focus on technological innovation and user value enhancement.

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