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79 Construction Firms Found with Unsafe Crane Operating Practices.

Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower has conducted a special enforcement operation from July to August and found a total of  194 breaches of safety rules. Among them, 98 cases resulted in composition fines totaling of more than S$ 95,000.

The special enforcement operation, name Operation Goldcrest, was held between 1st July to August 31 and among the 80 work sites inspected by MOM’s Occupational Safety and Health Division, 194 cases of crane-related breaches of Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) were discovered.

MOM said 98 of the contraventions resulted in composition fines that totaled more than S$ 95,000, while 96 of the cases saw Notice of Non-compliance issued. Companies were instructed to address the findings of the inspections and these efforts will be monitored closely. Source: Channel News Asia.

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Top Five Violations Uncovered

  1. Failure to maintain cranes in good working condition
  2. Failure to establish and implement a proper lifting plan
  3. Using defective lifting gear or lifting gear that had not been examined by an authorized examiner.
  4. Failure to implement a proper Permit-To-Work system
  5. No indication of the Safe Working Load and lifting machine number on the lifting machine (Crane).
MOM noted that while no breaches uncovered warrants a Stop-Work Order, the number found was a cause for concern. A statement by MOM’s Commissioner for WSH, Mr. Ho Siong Hin mentioned that Singapore’s crane industry’s practices remain a serious concern. Beside the safe deployment of cranes, crane owners and occupiers have the responsibility to ensure that their cranes and lifting operations do not endanger workers or the public. MOM will take stern action against errant crane companies and occupiers and they ought to put in place robust maintenance regimes and safety systems to put an end to unsafe lifting operations.

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