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Ainscough Lifts River Lea Lock Gate for AmcoGiffen

211223 ainscough river lea lock 2

Ainscough Crane Hire’s Heavy Cranes team recently support its client AmcoGiffen to undertake a refurbishment job at Three Mills Lock.

Three Mills Lock, also known as the Prescott Lock, is a lock operated by the Canal & River Trust (the Trust) on the Prescott Channel on the River Lea in London.

AmcoGiffen’s specialist project team – working on the Trust’s Mechanical Electrical Instrumentation Control and Automation (MEICA) Framework – was appointed to replace the 24,000kg East Fish Belly lock gate and a 10,500 kg hydraulic cylinder.

211223 ainscough river lea lock 1

Ainscough deployed a Liebherr LTM1500-8.1 mobile crane on 47.3 main boom to remove both the gate and the cylinder. The gate was removed and refurbished and with Ainscough returning several weeks later to install the gate at the same time as a replacement cylinder.

Bob Beardmore, Heavy Cranes technical manager said: “Although this was a relatively straightforward job for us to complete, the tight environment in which we were working did pose a challenge. However, by positioning our crane within the adjacent Thames Tideway project site we were able to secure a location that enabled the lifts to take place smoothly, ensuring Three Mills Locks could return to normal business as quickly as possible.”

Johannes Esterhuyse, regional manager, AmcoGiffen said: “We’re delighted with the outcome of this project. Through excellent teamwork, we were able to complete the essential maintenance safely and quickly, keeping the green freight gateway open and providing the best value for Canal & River Trust.”

211223 ainscough river lea lock 3

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