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Bulker hits STS crane at Puerto Moin, Costa Rica

bulker collide with sts crane at puerto rica

A geared bulker hit an STS gantry crane at Puerto Moin, Costa Rica on October 20. While the ship’s cranes cleared the first STS gantry, they made contact with the second.

The bulker Irma arrived at Puerto Moin on the night of October 18, berthing at a breakbulk terminal on the port’s small commercial quay.

The ship’s three cranes were elevated while it moved down the quay. Its cranes managed to clear the first STS gantry, which was raised but made hit the second, which was still in the lowered position.

As the bow passed under the gantry, the first crane’s boom was forced downward but managed to slip by. The second shipboard crane was facing the gantry and got caught, forcing its boom upwards and twisting it to port.

The STS gantry swayed with the impact but did not collapse, and the ship stopped.

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