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Fatal Self-erecting Crane Overturned Accident in Germany

20210615 crane overturned germany gottingen

A fatal crane accident happened on the 12th June (Saturday) in Göttingen, Germany when a self-erecting collapsed, killing one construction worker and leaving another in serious injury.

The self-erecting crane was being used to build small apartment block in the Esebeck district when it smashed the ceiling and the construction workers fell and buried in the debris. One man was presumed dead immediately at the scene while another was trapped and seriously injured.

It was informed that the construction company comes from the Sauerland in North Rhine-Westphalia. The seriously injured 40-year-old was operated in the hospital and is currently not available for questioning. The 42-year-old operator suffered s shock. A large number of rescue workers were on duty at the scene of the accident.

There are initial suggestion that the crane might be overloaded as the base has been setup properly, but the entire crane tipped over. Investigations are ongoing by the public prosecutor’s office in Lower Saxony and the operator could be charged for negligent homicide.

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