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KVS Michael Mross takes delivery of new Demag AC45 City

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When it was announced that Demag would be launching a successor to the AC 40 City in the form of the AC 45 City, the team at Dresden-based crane service provider KVS knew what to do right away: “We knew right then and there that the new City crane would pretty much be a sure bet – after all, we’d had nothing but good experiences with its predecessor, the AC 40 City,” reports Officer Axel Schmid, who picked up the new AC 45 City together with crane operators Stefan Muntschick and Holger Weichelt in Zweibrücken.

The crane was handed over by Tadano Sales Manager Uwe Degenhardt.

“We have a lot of indoor projects that require for us to move heavy machinery, and that means we needed an extremely compact and powerful crane. The answer was the AC 45 City,” explains Axel Schmid, who then goes on to mention some of the crane’s crucial advantages:

The crane is not only small and manoeuvrable but is also able to always take advantage of all the available lifting capacity in even the tightest spaces thanks to the Flex Base outrigger system. This system features outriggers that can be extended to any point within their available range.

“Flex Base really is an incredible invention that makes it possible to make optimum use of the crane’s large lifting capacities even when there isn’t much space to work with,” he highlights.

He also mentions that he thinks the merger between Tadano and Demag is a very good thing: “Almost all of the cranes in our fleet are from Lauf. This merger between the two brands means that we now have a significantly wider selection of cranes at our disposal from a single source.”

He then adds that he gets unparalleled support from Sales Manager Uwe Degenhardt, which he feels is just as important as a broad product portfolio.

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