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Tadano donated the third crane to Easter Island

Tadano Donate 3rd Crane To Chile

In 2019, Tadano Ltd. celebrated the 100th anniversary of its founding. As part of the commemorations, Tadano donated the third crane to Easter Island, Chile, where they had a connection for many years. On December 9, 2019, they held a press announcement at their company and invited the Republic of Chile ambassador, Julio Fiol, to Japan.

Tadano’s relationship with Easter Island began when the governor of Easter Island has been interviewed by a Japanese television program and said that the island could lift up the toppled Moai statues if only it had a crane. Tadano began the Moai Restoration Project in 1991 and donated a rough terrain crane to Easter Island. With the cooperation of the Chilean government, archaeologists, and others, 15 Moai statues were returned to their altars (in Ahu Tongariki) in 1995.

Subsequently, the friendship between Easter Island and Tadano continued, and when Tadano received notice that the crane had broken down, they donated a second rough terrain crane in 2005.

Recently, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the company, Tadano decided to donate a third rough terrain crane to the island. In the same way as the second crane, they hope that this crane will serve as a valuable machine that will continue to help support the lives of the island residents.

Rough Terrain Crane (GR-1000XL)
Maximum lifting capacity: 100 tons (90.7 metric tons)
Overall length: 14.375 m
Overall width: 3.315 m
Overall height: 3.795 m
(Model for North America and Central/ South America)

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