Hitachi-Sumitomo debut SCX1000A-3 in Bauma 2013

Hitachi Sumitomo has launched their new 100 tonnes crawler crane, SCX1000A-3 in April 2013, which is to be marketed for the international market. The new crawler crane is designed based on the concept of “reliability” with a new design and colour. The SCX1000A-3 is equipped with an EU stage 3b and US Tier 4 interim … Read more

Zoomlion QAY260

Zoomlion showcased their QAY260 with crane specially designed to fit into Iron Man’s theme at Germany Bauma Show 2013. Zoomlion QAY260 is a 6-axles all terrain crane mounted with a 6-section telescopic boom superstructure. The crane is classified with a 260 tonnes lifting capacity class. Download Load Chart Below Video of Zoomlion QAY260 All Terrain … Read more