Hitachi-Sumitomo debut SCX1000A-3 in Bauma 2013

Hitachi Sumitomo has launched their new 100 tonnes crawler crane, SCX1000A-3 in April 2013, which is to be marketed for the international market. The new crawler crane is designed based on the concept of “reliability” with a new design and colour.

The SCX1000A-3 is equipped with an EU stage 3b and US Tier 4 interim emission control standards engine. In addition, an auto idle stop function and environmentally friendly winches design also help to improve economical operation.

The crane is designed with a transportation width of only 2.99 metres which is more cost-saving and efficient. The weight of the crane itself has been kept to under 30 tonnes with the base boom attached. The assembly and disassembly time is reduced by the installation of hoisting cylinders on the gantry.

SCX1000A-3 also comes with a new brake system which provides better operating feel and the winch with 12 tonnes rated line pull can cover almost any type of heavy or complex work from construction through to civil engineering works.

There is also a full range of safety features on the crane, such as warning alarm, auto-drum lock, swing restriction device, swing brake pedal and foldable type handrails. A large display panel will include all required information at a glance in the easy-to-view layout in the operator’s cabin, without hindering the operator’s visibility.

Gebr. De Koning took first SCX1000A-3 in the Netherlands.

Dutch engineering contractor, Gebr. De Koning, has taken delivery of the first unit of SCX1000A-3 in the Netherlands. The new crane has been ordered with an additional winch and a wider skywalk on its main boom for enhanced safety and easier assembly. The crane will be used to carry out concrete, waterworks and foundation contracts.

Managing Director of Gebr. De Koning, Leo van Dijk said they prefer to purchase cranes rather than rent, as they are mostly being used on their projects. Based in Papendrecht, the company handles numbers of projects, including the construction of bridges, tunnels and quay walls, as well as subcontracting for house building, utility and civil works.

They have purchased their first Hitachi crane, KH100, in 1978 and currently has a fleet of six Hitachi cranes as well as a number of Hitachi excavators. The SCX1000A-3 was purchased from Hitachi (Europe).

Technical Specifications

  • Max. Lifting Capacity: 100 tonnes x 3.8m
  • Max. Boom Length: 60.0 metres
  • Max. Boom Combination: 51.0 + 28.0 metres
  • Engine: Isuzu 6HK1 (EU stage 3b, EPA Tier 4)

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