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Zoomlion JOST T8030-25U Topless Tower Crane

Photo by Crane Magazine Today.

Featuring German technologies, Zoomlion’s T8030-25U Tower Crane is a high tonnage topless tower crane that uses cutting-edge JOST technology. Compared to other similar products, the crane offers a longer boom, high lifting performance, easy assembly, convenient maintenance and better boom strength, helping it stand out amongst the competitions.

The maximum lifting torque of the product is 4,925kN.m, making it suitable for high-rise building and bridge constructions. With a focus on safety, reliability and performance, the product has been developed to offer more humanized design and lower fuel consumption. Main structures, such as the top, boom, boom rod, climbing frame, upper and lower bearings and cab, have been optimized, while ancillary components, such as the platform, railing, connection bolts and safety ropes inside the boom, have been enhanced to offer greater safety. The safety device is fully equipped with all electronic components sourced from major brands, drastically enhancing safety and reliability.

Download T8030-25U Load Chart Below

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