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Crawler Tower Collapse In Singapore

20220305 crawler tower collapse singapore 27

It was reported from a source in Singapore that a crawler crane with tower attachment has collapsed at a construction job site on the 18th Feb. The crawler crane was shifting it crane’s position when the crawler tower and luffing jib suddenly collapsed.

There weren’t any issues with the access which are flat and adequate for the crane movement and hence it could be deduced that there could be a mechanical failure of the crawler crane boom.

From the photos, the crane boom has been detached from the base boom’s pin socket welding points.

The tower boom has fallen onto the outriggers of a rough terrain crane that was parking at the rear of the lane. The crane operator was on the crane when the boom suddenly dropped on the outriggers and it was a close call for the operator as the fallen boom was just less than one metre away from him.

The incident has been reported to the Ministry Of Manpower (MOM) and the investigation is ongoing.

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