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First Tadano GT-750EL in Mexico

First Tadano Gt750el In Mexico

Mexican equipment supplier Grupo Vazquez del Sur has taken delivery of the first 75-tonne GT-750EL truck crane in Mexico.

Sold and supplied through the distributor, Arrendo Serv, the GT-750EL features a five-section 47-metre main boom and nine to 14.3-metre bi-fold swing away extension to provide a maximum tip height of 61.2 metres. The overall length of the crane is 14.2 metres while Tadano’s Smart Chart system monitors the actual outrigger set up and machine configuration to provide an optimum load chart for the setup. The company claims it can increase the crane’s capacities by up to 44.3 per cent when operating diagonally over the outrigger jacks.

Groupo Vazquez says the new crane will be able to comfortably travel long distances between worksites across south-east Mexico without the addition of auxiliary vehicles to transport counterweights or assist with assembly.

Marcos Rodriguez of Grupo Vazquez del Sur said: “The GT-750EL brings a reliable and manoeuvrable lifting solution to the 75-80 tonne class with a control system that’s smooth and intuitive. This crane is perfectly suited for fast transport and setup, which is essential when moving from job site to job site each day.”

Arrendo Serv sales manager, Miguel Jimienez, added : “Japanese manufactured products are known for their high reliability and efficient designs. The Tadano GT-750EL completely exceeded our expectations with its ease of use and unmatched quality.”

Based in Villahermosa Tabasco, Grupo Vazquez del Sur provides a range of products and services to the oil and energy sector.

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