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No. 6 Liebherr MK150 for Ainscough

Sixth Mk140 For Ainscough

UK rental company Ainscough Crane Hire has taken delivery of a further two eight tonne Liebherr MK 140 self-erecting mobile tower cranes, having taken two last October – see: Liebherr MK140s for Ainscough. The company now has a fleet of six MK140s.

The five-axle Liebherr MK 140 can handle its maximum capacity up to 12 metres radius and with a hook height of around 36 metres. It also offers a 1,900kg jib tip capacity at radius of 58.5 metres and a hook height of around 40 metres, with the jib in horizontal ‘trolley’ configuration The crane can also be used in full luffing jib mode with jib angles from 20 to 70 degrees, achieving a maximum hook height of 94.4 metres and a maximum radius of 65 metres with a 1,000kg capacity.

Andrew Spink, heavy cranes operations director at Ainscough Crane Hire, said: “The Liebherr MK140 is a flexible and efficient mobile tower crane that is greatly valued by Ainscough and our clients. Its versatility means it can be used to deliver lifts in a variety of different environments and circumstances, and we’re really pleased that even more of our customers will now feel the benefit of it being used on their projects.”

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