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Jaso debut their first flat-top tower crane

120730 jaso flat top j200 debut

Jaso has expanded their range of tower cranes with the very first Flat-Top cranes, the J200.10 and J200.12, with load capacities of 10 tonnes and 12 tonnes respectively and a maximum reach of 67.5 metres.

These flat-top tower crane models are aimed to renew the T Series of the Top Line range, which up to now had only consisted of High-Top cranes. Currently, they are one of the few advocates of the Low Top crane design, which combines the benefits of High Top and Flat Top designs.

The new J200 tower crane models fill a niche between their lower tonnage and higher tonnage series Low Tops and has been primarily developed for the European and American markets to meet the demand for lightweight construction cranes which can also lift smaller precast concrete modules up to 10 or 12 tonnes, or just to carry out concrete pours.

The J200.12 provides tip loads of 1.7 tonnes with a single trolley in 2-part reeving mode (ST-SR) and 1.5 tonnes at 67.5 metres when in a 4-part line (ST-DR). In addition, with a special 2-part line trolley, the max tip load is 1.9 tonne.

The J200.10 also has an SR-DR trolley both single and double reeving. Therefore, this crane has a 2-tonne tip load in SR reeving mode and a 1.8-tonne tip load in SR-DR reeving mode at a 67.5-metre radius.

Both models can be mounted with a minimum boom length of 30 metres. With intervals of 2.5-metre sections giving a maximum length of 67.5 metres. The swing radius with the full boom is 14.9 metres while for booms of 52.5 metres and lower, the swing radius can be reduced to 12.9 metres.

As usual with new cranes designed by Jaso, both the counterweight slabs and the weights of the base ballast are of the lay-flat type, which makes the handling easier as they do not need to be flipped over. Optionally, overhead counterweights can be steel-framed to add more safety.

The J200.12 model comes as standard with a 60 hp hoist, giving a maximum speed of 152 metres a minute. Optionally, an 88 hp unit can provide speeds up to 225 metres a minute. The rope capacity for this crane is 1,378 metres, and hoist drums can be specified with Lebus grooving.

As standard, hoists for the J200.10 are 33 hp, with 60 hp as an option.

Both models use the standard 1.75 x 1.75-metre tower system with either 12.6-metre-long sections or 3-metre-long sections.

The maximum free-standing height is 50.1 metres. To increase this Jaso are developing the crane to fit the 2.16-metre tower system for hook heights of nearly 83 metres.

For easier assembly, the heaviest set does not exceed 6.7 tonnes. As a result, transportation has been optimised by reducing the number of transport units needed.

One of the greatest innovations is the ECO Mode system, which allows the crane to work in three modes:

  • Full Power
  • ECO Mode (uses 75% of normal power consumption)
  • SUPER-ECO Mode (uses 50% of normal power consumption).

Both ECO Mode and SUPER-ECO Mode do not affect the speed of the crane when lowering.

In short, key features of this crane include versatility for multiple applications, optimisation for component weight, plus quick and easy assembly in congested urban areas. A wide range of performance characteristics is available from micro speed and proportional slew movements to high operating speed and minimal power consumption.

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