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New 800 tonne Liebherr ship crane

liebherr ship crane ls800e 1

Liebherr is expanding its heavy lift ship crane series with an 800-tonne model aimed at the growing demand for ever larger wind turbine components.

The new crane – the LS 800 E – is all-electric helping reduce overall ship emissions. The crane includes a new ‘Master V’ control unit, providing the highest possible computing power providing faster data processing, which enables the integration of future assistance systems and semiautomated process applications. The crane also includes the Litronic control system developed in-house for speed and precision.

liebherr ship crane ls800e 2

The new LS nomenclature replaces the CBB designation and equates to Liebherr (L) Ship crane (S) and the maximum capacity. The E stands for the electric drive. The crane’s external design has also been updated with a new white and grey colour scheme.

Gregor Levold, sales director for Liebherr Offshore, Ship and Port Cranes said: “The new cranes follow on from a long tradition and decades of experience in building ship cranes. The first ship crane was delivered by Liebherr in 1958. The push into the 800-tonne size segment does not represent new territory – Liebherr has already supplied onshore and offshore cranes in the 3,000 to 5,000-tonne category.”

liebherr ship crane ls800e 3

“We have many years of experience with all-electric drives from the port equipment sector, among others. As usual, the development of the crane is done completely in-house. We can also cover the procurement of individual components largely in-house at Liebherr. These are invaluable advantages for our customers, especially nowadays. In addition, all drive components are installed inside the crane. This facilitates the integration of the crane into the ship’s design and enables better utilisation of the areas below deck.”

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