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Tadano AC 5.220-1 for Cochez

tadano ac 5.220 1 cochez small

Xavier Charpentreau, the managing director at French crane service provider Cochez, a  Ponticelli subsidiary, will tell you that the Tadano AC 5.220-1 continues to be the standard by which all other cranes in its capacity class should be measured.

It should come as no surprise then that the company, which is headquartered in La Sentinelle close to Valenciennes, has now put an additional crane of this model into operation. “We’re using it to replace our previous Tadano ATF 220G-5, which really did an excellent job for a very long time,” Xavier Charpentreau explains.

The new Tadano AC 5.220-1 not only meets the company’s needs perfectly but also comes with a vital advantage for Cochez: The main boom extension can be shared with the crane’s identical sibling, which is stationed at the Ponticelli branch in Orléans.

“This makes both the crane’s acquisition and use very cost-effective not only for us but for our customers as well. And that’s before taking into account the very high level of reliability that we’re already familiar with from our other Tadano five-axle crane,” Xavier Charpentreau highlights.

The new crane will be deployed at the Cochez facility within the Ponticelli branch in Gravelines and will be used mainly in the French North Coast region.

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